If December was a day of the week, I'm sure it would be Saturday. Because now begins the month of gift giving along with abundant parties, gatherings and merriment. And what to wear! Recently I enjoyed a lovely night with my colleagues at Plum's annual Christmas party. My favourite part (aside from the food) was seeing just how these fabulous women put together a festive outfit. I'm always amazed and inspired. Neither age nor size is relevant here, therefore I encourage you to venture into a Plum location near you and I'm confident they'll help you uncover your seasonal sparkle!


When you purchase this dress (and I know you will), you'll be be getting more than just your average LBD for one season. This is a very innovative, unique design that you will most certainly get a lot of mileage from. What you wear with your LBD is very personal but this is 2 pieces, essentially a tank dress, with a gorgeous curved front overlay top. Thus, one can wear them separately, creating far more than just party season attire.

Simone tank dress with layered top (black or Plum) $149


Lace is yet another texture that inevitably shows up during the Christmas season. Off the shoulder, lined body and an easy shape make this a hit. As above, with black pants, you'll find this very easy to co-ordinate with multiple other pieces. However, you'll also find, that lace has also made it's way quite nicely into mainstream wear as well.


DO+BE off shoulder lace top (wine) $89


Maybe a break away from solids would be a good direction to take. A jersey print, blouson style dress, with a body hugging skirt create a sexy, and feminine departure from the usual seasonal glitz.

Soya Concept Petruska 2 Jersey print dress (black) $95



The sweet retro look of the lace with a removable collar creates a light easy look. On the right the Mavi GLITTER jean. Black with light flecks of glitter.

acappella lace top with contrast collar (black or ivory) $85

Mavi Adriana skinny glitter jeans (black glitter) $138


Jackets are another sensational way to add some interest to your outfit. The one on the left is a fun, faux fur that adds texture and a playful feel to a potentially basic outfit. Add a chunky or glitzy necklace and you're good to go. The jacket on the right can easily go from office to office party with the simple switch of lipstick, shoes and hair.

Soya Concept fuzzy cropped jacket (black) $95

Tobias double breasted jacket with flared hem (black or pewter) $230 now $185

Dressing for a the barrage of December parties can be a headache OR can add some extra fun to already joy filled and fun activities. Choosing wisely can mean your outfit doesn't sit in your closet until the following December with the Christmas decorations. Head into a Plum location near you. There are accessories oozing with glamour and other wonderful options for the approaching party season. With lots of expertise to go along with it.

Yours in Fashion passion

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Every season is there not one thing you feel is a 'must have'? A seasonal colour, a texture, a trend?  Some styles come and go and yet others we think will fade from everyone's interest, yet live on. Regardless...this season, what are your top 5? With the upcoming sales (hey they named a day after my favourite colour), maybe you can find yours on sale! I thought it would be fun to poll Plum's head office staff and find out their top 5:


Lily (Production Manager) of her top choices this season was flowey shawls...I think this one is awesome. I love the yummy, warm colour inviting coziness....I have enough of these to cover my entire house and still tempted by more. Beautiful, warm, great for layering and easy to style!

KW colour block kimono (beige, black or red) $65


Our esteemed designer Claudia chose embroidery and velvet as one of her top two style choices. You can pick out my wardrobe any time Claudia! I love the eastern influence of this gorgeous, open front Kimono. This is very easy to dress up or down.

Wander open front Kimono (black) $119


Sarah (Production Assistant) chose this fantastic cocoon dress and loved it so much was tempted by two colours. I love the exaggerated border, exposed zipper and pockets! Great neckline for featuring your favourite necklace.

Simone cocoon dress with 3/4 sleeve (black, plum, wine) $129 now $98 (in store, 4 day price $64.50)


Chery (Warehouse Manager) chose the Kersh crew neck sweater as one of her selections. Great choice! The crew neck pullover goes nearly everywhere. Wear with a pencil skirt or trousers for career look; then change shoes and add a statement necklace for a more evening activity. Comes in six divine fall colours.

Kersh crew neck sweater (6 colours) $59 now $45


Rhena (Inventory Manager) wisely chose over the knee boots, in case Santa is listening. This is what I think would look fabulous with those boots; this scrumptious sweater dress. If it needs a little extra, add a wide belt or an eclectic mix of necklaces or big bold earrings!

Press turtleneck sweater dress (charcoal mix) $95 now $79 (in store 4 day promo price $59.25)

If you're a person who tends to be driven by lists then you're likely familiar with grocery, Santa, laundry and maybe even no fly lists (let's hope not the latter). Regardless, make sure to have your 'SALE' list; be ready with good shoes and great coffee. And let's keep it in Canada! :)

Yours in Fashion Passion...

Suzanne M.

JUST a few promotions of note: Check in store for more great deals:

  • PURSES 30% OFF (excludes wallets and business card holders)
  • JEWELRY 30% OFF (excludes Midnight Cactus and sterling silver)
  • Select jeans 30% off lowest marked price
  • much more in store!
  • starts Thursday!



   ... read the full post and reader comments

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Knit picker...

COUPON TIME! There's still time ('til Oct.16).

$20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95.

What kind of sweater girl are you...oops I meant woman? Are you the kind that pins a broach on every sweater, a cardigan person or the oversized boyfriend sweater style type? Do you choose by colour, fabrication or design or all of the above? Personally, I think sweaters are just a wardrobe necessity in our climate at this time of year. Therefore, might just as well choose something, pretty, sophisticated, sexy...or ok just warm! From basic to fashion, Plum's got you covered!
The usual in fall and winter is to grab for the earth tones, which are wonderful, but this white is just so light, happy, fresh and so sexy looking. Try wearing it with a fur vest (very hot right now), above the knee skirt and ankle boots. (sweater also comes in grey which is an excellent alternative to black, making it a wonderful neutral).
DO+BE off shoulder ribbed sweater (cream, black or grey)$79
Let's talk about 'cute'. I think after you turn 15, no woman seems to want to be, or have her outfit referred to as CUTE! Ok, well, lets call this fun instead. It's also bright, delightfully fuzzy and if it's not a conversation starter, will probably provoke a few hugs!
Le Shop fuzzy daisy sweater (say that 5 times fast) $65
This is reminiscent of Grampa's old sweater vest...or maybe the therapist...which ever one conjures up better memories...I love the loose, casual hi-low style...wear it alone as pictured, add a bold necklace or a string of pearls...or add a shirt, create definition with a wide belt and balance it out with knee high riding boots.
Press Hi-low hem vest (heather grey) $70
Some of us are hot one minute and cold the next....this accommodates the erratic furnace that is our body. Gorgeous colour combination, abundant collar and just so cozy...wear a t-shirt or even a jacket beneath for layering.
Look jacquard knit poncho (purple) $105
The ubiquitous V neck pullover! There is little else that needs to be said about this style. It goes with everything, it's smart, sophisticated, simple yet easy to pump up the cool factor! And this is just the most spot on fall colour! Another colour that works well as a neutral.
Kaffe Majka pullover (dijon) $79
The internet says a sweater is a what a child wears when it's mother is chilly, or it's just a blanket you can wear to work...I say a sweater is to your wardrobe what wine is to your diet..........warms you up, makes you look cute fun...better than calories!
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
This is just a representation of what's in store, go in and check them out for yourself!
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Plum's buyer is going sweater crazy in anticipation of 'cuddle' weather. The front featured cardigan is so soft, feels like chocolate (if Chocolate had a feeling) and looks like an Alpine retreat (a posh one, of course). The open front, snowflake design is long enough to keep the assets warm and features pockets reflecting the shoulder to chest pattern. You'll love Kerisma's take on the grampa style cardigan (Grampa not included).  Super fun. You'll be fighting off the huggers!!
Kerisma mohair, wool combo sweater $ 98
Or, if flakes are not your thing, here's one for the dog lovers. (or maybe red lovers), as, this sweater is such a bold, stunning, gorgeous red, guaranteed to grab everyone's attention as you walk your dog!  
Numph Dalmation sweater $ 100.
Musically speaking...I love, how this one has been paired with a short asymetical, plaid skirt. The whimsical piano keys of the sweater reflect so well on the grid lines of the skirt. A sharp edged, angular necklace, pulls in the same colors, completing the look.
Point Zero piano keys sweater $ 72
Continuing on the theme of 'lines'...
I'm excited about this chevron design poncho. Reminds me of the 70's (but in a good way). These are such great multifunctional pieces. Throw over your jean jacket, blazer or clearly they're fine on their own. This season, Plum has many versions of this to choose from.
Do Everything In Love poncho $ 69
Currently so many great sweaters to cuddle up to.  With many more great styles to come we can say, Fall...bring it on, we're ready.
Yours in Fashion Passion
Suzanne M.
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