If you won ten million...what would you do? In a two year old survey taken of US residents a surprising 2/3 of those polled would continue to work. What about your car or what you wear? Would you continue to wear the same style, make a major style change or would you merely invest in more cat print, hand painted, silk scarves with Himalayan beaded fringe? (we all have our weird fashion obsessions) Waiting for an unlikely windfall to wear what you love, is living for tomorrow. Buy smart and you'll look like a million dollars!


Plunge right into spring with this lovely, fresh, owl print, vintage style dress. Put together in the photo with lemon yellow converse shows how it can be lightened up for casual wear. For leisure, we tend to gravitate to jeans, but why not a dress? Easy on, wrap style, securely fastens at the waist with 2 sweet buttons and back gathers. Style tip: worried about the front flying open at inopportune times? Wear bicycle shorts with a lace border or a vintage slip underneath. And footwear just changes the mood. Mary Janes or ankle wrap flats are different options.

Simone cap sleeve wrap dress (black or royal) $139


I feel compelled to take someone down to the river and feed them tea and oranges when I look at this dress (thank you Leonard Cohen). Call me half crazy but this, bold exotic print reminds me so much of long days at festivals or (again) with different footwear and a shawl, makes a great brunch outfit.

Simone sleeveless dress with front keyhole (blue or orange) $149


Off the shoulder, cold shoulder and open shoulder looks are big this season. This ethnic print, embroidered top will look great with shorts, midi skirts, maxi skirts and as you can see a great offset for crisp white pants (on your yacht). Here's a tip for keeping the off the shoulder...off your shoulders (view).

Flying Tomato embroidered peasant blouse (black) $59


Speaking of crisp white...won't you look fabulous stepping out of your stretch limousine in this sleek looking Simone dress ;) A beautifully cut and designed dress with a decidedly futuristic edge.

Simone sheath dress with metal zipper (white) $129

Given that the chances of being the top winner of such a lottery are as slim as Paris Hilton's skinny jeans....why wait for tomorrow or 'maybe'...live for now (but we can still dream and plan)!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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A coupon to kick start your spring shopping. Get your coupon here!

$20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95 (jewellry excluded).

Unless you're new to the planet, you can already tell spring is right around the corner, at least in Vancouver. With it brings a compulsion to clean out the garage, start gardening or resuscitate one's wardrobe. If procrastination is one of your favourite pass times, the latter is probably the preferable choice. Plum is fully ready with some gorgeous and reliable, yet distinct design features, you won't find anywhere else.

Welcome back spring! We missed you.



The front email dress is destined to be a huge hit this season. I think it captures the freshness of the season perfectly. Very flowey, drapey fabric and a delicate print. But it's also what cannot be seen that's also so great.  Very well structured, fully lined and barely visible pockets. A great, unexpected feature.

Simone sleeveless dress with front pockets (navy or pink) $129


When spring starts to peak out at us, one of the first things we notice is, the days are starting to get longer...brighter. Plum's Acapella has a uniquely special way of interpreting the spring blouse. This is such a delightful pattern set against an easy fitting, yet sheer fabric. Way to bring back the brightness Acapella!

Acapella dolman sleeve blouse (lemon, white and black) $89


Tank tops are a great wardrobe staple. They work so well with suits, or as above with jeans etc. And yet, this Acapella blouse has been re-inspired featuring a retro neckline and another touch of the feminine with the small back button fastening...Some small, yet special design features puts this just a step ahead of a basic.

Acapella sleeveless cowl neck blouse (navy, pink) $69



The cut of this dress was such a hit last season, it's been redone with a very fresh, seasonal pattern. Just the right length, cap sleeve and a great mid section design feature that looks just like that, like a design feature but can cleverly disguise the middle (if need be)!

Simone cross over dress (royal, jade, orange or blue/red prints) $125

So you can put away your boots, heavy coats and unpack the sling backs...Spring has sprung and with it comes the great, much anticipated spring wardrobe options. THIS is just the tip of the iceberg...sorry icebergs are so last season....I meant to say 'blossom'!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Don't forget your coupon here!

$20 off a regular priced clothing or accessories purchase of $95

(jewellry excluded).


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pack smart, look great!

Remember: Until Jan.31, 2016 you could win your online purchase. Just think, your travel wardrobe could be totally covered if you win. View the resort wear collection and details here.

While the rest of us are scrambling for that last minute 'special' gift or packing for family visits...you will be secretly laughing to yourself...sidestepping all the chaos by heading for warmer climates... an all-inclusive perhaps? (I'll try not to hate you). But why put yourself though torture you've avoided so far by unearthing clothing from four months ago. Do you even know where they are? No worries. Plum has an extensive resort wear collection to help you prepare. Here is a small sample...




Of course, shorts and t shirts might well be your uniform...at least a staple. Plum has a great, fun collection of Bear Dance tank tops. Cute, silly and make a great conversation start up! Or, if you're still needing to do a gift exchange they're a great option.

Bear Dance t shirts (just a sample of what's in store, above)



And of course you need bottoms. Crop pants, shorter or these-are-my-gorgeous-legs length. So many options, you'd think it was actually summer now!

Point Zero capri (curry, diamond, lichen or white) $65

Point Zero bermuda cotton/twill/spandex (curry, diamond, lichen or white) $55

Mavi pixie short denim (ultra blue vintage) $78



Love the pattern of this paisley dress...so eye catching. With a short sleeve, draw string waist and an easy waterfall hem, you can't go wrong with this as one of your dress options (and believe me Plum has many).

Simone V-neck dress (blue multi or red multi) $140


Don't forget, on occasion, you'll need a cardigan or coverup...Choose from many options, I've included just a few above. A crop cardigan or breezy, gauzy kimono. So light it will take up little or no space.

Kersh rib waist cardigan (7 colours) now $35

Cecico kimono blouse (brown or sea green) $59

When packing for a trip out of season this usually presents a unique, lack of selection challenge. However, Plum's large resort collection, removes that stress.  Choose from gorgeous print dresses, light weight pants/bottoms and coverups. When you board the plane 'your troubles will be miles away' (as they say in the song). 

Wishing you a fun and safe trip!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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As owner and buyer for Plum for 35 years I have learned to become disciplined in what I purchase for our customers.  Contrary to what you may imagine I cannot buy whatever I want.  Plum customers are very specific about what they want and need, so a Plum store must be balanced, consistent and beautifully merchandised.

Often I must pass up on things that I would love to purchase because it doesn’t fit into the mix.  That is where the new Plum Pieces comes in.


At the beginning of 2015 we changed our Kitsilano store and experimented with a new eclectic mix of ‘pieces’ I could not resist.  The freedom as a buyer has been fun. Some are unique pieces, or trendy pieces, or just pieces that have nothing to do with anything else except that I have ‘fallen in love’ with them.


The new Pieces store still has lots of fashion that Plum has become famous for; like our own designs and locally made labels Simone and Tobias (plus this fall we have added acapella and wink wink to the collection).   But, since I am in New York and LA several times a year to find interesting fashions for Plum, now I can kind of ‘go nuts’ for the new Pieces store!  Much of what I buy will only be in Pieces.



Store graphics by Jason Turner from Brooklyn NY

So even if you love the Plum store you are currently shopping in, you may want to check out Pieces on Fourth Avenue in Kitsilano.  You may even find just the blouse, or dress, or scarf, or sweater you could not live without!

Let us know what you think!

2290 West Fourth Avenue (at Vine)                         See us at plum.ca

Katie O'Brien

Owner and Buyer   ... read the full post and reader comments

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Sunny Day Dresses




On the way to work this week, I had two compliments from strangers on how nice I looked in my dress. Don’t you just love mornings like that?

That morning, I put on a sleeveless eyelet dress that I had bought for a wedding I attended this summer and that I had only worn once. Over top, I wore a floral print cardigan and I slid on some silver bangles to make it appropriate for the office.  Later that evening, I took the cardigan off, switched my flat sandals to ones with a slight heel, and put on some dangly earrings, and I was fit to go to a social function I was invited to right after work. The dress easily took me from work to an evening event with just a slight change in accessories.


When I think about how little I fretted over what to wear that morning, I know that is the beauty of a dress.  During hot, summer weather, there is nothing like a dress in creating easy and stylish looks.

This week, we are offering an additional 20% off all spring/summer blouses and dresses in store so you will have more reason to add a few more dresses and blouses to your wardrobe.   Start planning your wardrobe for your mid-winter escape and get your packing done early! Offer ends next Tuesday.


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