NEWSFLASH: It's still dress season

For 4 days Oct. 18 to 21...destination is Plum. 8 select Spencer + Shaw dress styles to choose from - 30% off. While quantities last

While the habit of being late is not typically viewed positively...show of hands, who thinks the delay of autumn weather is 'A-OKAY? We mostly look forward to the richness of fall colours, but truly, it will get dark, cold and kind of dreary! Rarely, are there times, where lateness is seen as a glorious thing... although recently when Prince Harry heard his wife utter... 'I'm late', that would be considered an exception! BUT, mostly, those who are chronically, punctually challenged leave us all scratching our heads (or banging them) and wondering why. Does it help to know, studies have shown that the feeling of time passing, just feels different to those who tend to be 'delayed'? Why don't we try to look on the bright side of tardiness...summer extends her stay with us...and thus dress season can continue!


I love this dress. Yes it sports a very spring like print, however, as long as flowers are still blooming, why can't we wear them on our dresses (or yes, in your hair oh bohemian one)! Above the look shows sophistication worn with classic heels (by all means add a long strand of beads). Alternately, create a funky look with knee high boots, an infinity scarf* and for the night time chill, wear with this pin stripe jacket (not matching exactly gives it a bit more edge). However, if mixing patterns is not your thing, try a basic cardigan, or solid jacket or even a jean jacket and balance out the femininity of the dress with a fedora!

(*creating an infinity scarf out of long scarf is as simple as tying a knot in the ends and wrapping it around your neck several times...voila-new scarf)

Spencer+Shaw sleeveless elastic waist dress (black and pink or black and yellow prints) $110 Oct 18 to 21 30% off

Kaffe pin stripe jacket (grey stripe) $149



Oh...I had legs like this once.....on my Barbie....just kidding, I preferred building blocks....but I digress, this is such a gorgeous 'going out/date night/party' dress. I also think it calls for equally stunning heels or ankle boots. Or perhaps downplay the footwear and turn up the notch on the accessories (the neckline yearns for an eye catching necklace or several).

Spencer+Shaw ruffle trim wrap dress (black combo) $149 Oct.18 to 21 30% off


This very unstructured dress is all about the pattern. It's mod, it's bold and yet the colours are still subdued. And with such a dress... to accessorize or not! Two choices, let the pattern do the talking because it's really enough, OR get creative with the circular pattern find earrings with a similar or contrasting shape.
Yet another easy, relaxed fit dress. Pair it with this long sweater, which plays one length against the other nicely. If you're not good with bare legs add leggings and ankle boots. Just a simple pulled together look that jostles jeans for a simple yet comfortable, pulled together look.
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I don't know about you, but I seem to excel at all things delayed. I got married late, I had children late and each of them was born 10 days over due. I seem to be invested in running late....well, maybe not running!
Yours in Fashion passion...
 “I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
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Simone...it's only a name!

As buyer and an owner of Plum I can say that we have loved designing clothes … especially Simone dresses! So when we had to stop designing and making clothing in Canada it was tough.  But we are delighted to tell you that we get to relive our relationship with our previous designer Claudia Agusti by carrying dresses designed by her for another company. Plum now carries a full range of dresses (some of the patterns and the fits come directly from our original designs) with a new name “Spencer & Shaw”. You are going to fall in love with them the way you fell in love with our Simone dresses!


I was besotted with this bold, blossoming print at first sight. Reminiscent of garden parties, weddings but also fitting for the office, school and a wide variety of other events. Again, with Claudia's great design features, such as the mid waist stretch, and a fully lined skirt.

Spencer+Shaw sleeveless dress - elastic waist (black/pink or black/yellow prints) $110


A dress which will find itself the center of attention at many gatherings and Friday night date nights. A vision of what is needed for adequate movement and comfort includes a faux wrap, designed to not offer exposure to the world, such is the case with many wrap skirts and dresses. Accompanied by a gentle frill and matching sleeve frill and lining.  The perfect party dress!

Spencer + Shaw ruffle trim wrap dress (black combo print) $149


Claudia has always been able to design with fun, function and fashion! Don't let the simple cut of this dress fool you into thinking it's merely casual. Try wearing it with leggings and your favourite knee high boots, a puff sleeve blouse and a long necklace, for a more upscale look. Comprised of a substantial stretch fabric, it's sure to be a go to for weekends and days off as well!

Spencer + Shaw sleeveless mini star dress (black/heather grey) $106


The front of this dress presents as a simple cut. However, Claudia has always been able to design with all angles in mind. The back, showing a sweet ribbon tie and slight peek a boo back. We've brought this back for many seasons as it's continued to be a Plum favourite!

Spencer + Shaw trapeze ribbon tie dress (plum) $110

Names represent many things when it comes to branding and labels. And yet, over the years, there have been many companies which have morphed and changed. And while Plum has moved on from having our own design dept and no longer has Simone, we are grateful to continue our relationship with Simone's designer who continues to provide us with her magical vision! 

Katie O'Brien

Be sure to visit a Plum location near you as we have many more 'Spencer and Shaw' dresses to suit all!

And don't forget about denim promotion...Purchase a pair of regular priced black or blue jeans until Sept. 23 and receive a $25 Plum certificate to use on a regular priced item between Sept. 29 and Oct.31.  (instore and web).

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Can you just smell spring coming? Come on! As long as you're not down wind of someone's faulty muffler, surely you can smell it on the horizon. Be grateful that you're not on the east coast where emerging crops of fiddle heads are soon to be buried in another dump of white hell! Someone send Mother nature a memo 'Dear Mom, It's April-please send flowers!' Nevertheless, wherever you are...I believe when the time changes we think, evening strolls, afternoon golf games and gardening! Well...has Plum got a crop of dresses for you! Here are just a few featuring designer Claudia Agusti.
If any colour shouts spring it's yellow! It's bright, happy,  light and makes your soul feel like it just ate ice cream with a vintage merlot, oops I meant with sprinkles! Regardless, it's a great introduction to spring and welcoming sunshiny days. Designed for superb comfort with classic Claudia style! Well placed darts and gathers AND pockets (to keep your hands out of trouble) Really, designed to be worn and lived in!! ;)
Spencer+Shaw v neck knit dress (2 print options) $87
Just call this a wow dress! Incorporating, modern style with a head turning hue of red. Perfect for spring, but really a great transitional piece that can carry over into multiple seasons. I have long ago abandoned umbrellas (this is Vancouver, we have see-through snow) in favour of hats as I felt I was merely donating them to restaurants or establishments I frequented. If you have not tried a crushable hat, DO! They truly do fold up, to be stored away in your purse or backpack without loosing shape. Serviceability, style and stash away!
Another sensational cut! This time, a winner for those with an hourglass figure, including an extremely flattering neckline, and draping skirt length. Abundant ways to style this, or wear it as is, and why not, it's fantastic as is, featuring a vibrant blue or classic black.
Another dress which features Claudia's attention to detail along with functionality. A dress cut that is universally appealing to multiple shapes, comprised of rayon and spandex, pockets, a graceful neckline and an easy length to accommodate a life of activities and movement.
Image Image

Another many times, repeated design by Claudia. Repeated because of it's widely appealing feminine fit. Certainly at this time of year, a jacket is still needed and jean jackets are ideal when you're looking for a pretty, yet casual look. Add a hat and your favourite footwear and that's all that's needed.

Spencer+Shaw sleeveless dress with back shirring (blue print) $120

Mavi Samantha jean jacket (used gold vintage) $98

CH Telly natural mix bucket hat $59

Welcome to spring...brought to you by, flowers, sunshine and an abundance of hope and possibilities of reboot! The official sponsor of internal happiness and optimism. Don't step in that puddle, you might have to change your attitude!

Yours in Fashion passion...

"A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms" ~Zen Shin

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