When you think of red, do you instantly think of roses, lipstick, a fireman's hat? Or does your mind go to lobster, Ronald McDonald's hair, blood donations or Canada's flag! Go team Canada Go!! Regardless of how your mind works, it really is head turning. Thus why it's the colour for stop signs, alerts or Valentine's day.  And did you know that July 25 celebrates St. Valentina, a Palestinian woman martyred in 308 AD. So apparently one can celebrate Valentine's day on other days other than Feb.14th. Although, I don't need an excuse for chocolates year round.
A sweet, feminine and yet easy dress design. Draws all the eyes to you and yet you can move so freely in this flowey maxi.
A great sweater for layering, with it's very light, sheer texture. Wear it with a blouse or a tank top beneath in an alternate colour.
Another delightful pattern, yet in red floral. Florals are synonymous with spring and the above dress is a sweet take on an easy fitting style. Featuring a unique, complete button down the back design, thus creating an alternative. Wear it front to back or back to front. And if you prefer the 'violets are blue', it also comes in a blue pattern.
Of course, there are other versions of red, less bright. Like the above sleeveless, more earthy, terracotta shade. Featuring a drawstring, a mid waist flounce and an exquisite allover floral print.

Shall we talk about love and pink? Love is a touchy subject and's just a red wanna be! Just kidding, it's just a less assertive cousin of red. Sweet and nice but not as risky!

Be Young love print t shirt (white) $29

Cream ruffle front open cardigan (spring rose) $99


So if red is your colour and passionate hue

can't fathom wearing, purple, grey or blue

you're likely to be the first to go find or explore

challenges for you are never a chore

They say you're assertive, they say you're in charge

because you live life ever so large

So lover of red, I raise a glass to you (red of course)

Some advice, a fact, so true

as you look at me, your eyebrows have creases

Just remember that bikini's still come in TWO pieces!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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When white seems right

The power of wearing white! So easy to recognize....think...a doctors lab coat, the cricketers uniform, the blushing bride...However, back in the day ('the day' being the 16th century), white was typically worn by French Queens representing mourning. It was not until Mary Queen of Scots married her first husband, she chose white as she felt it was her most flattering colour. And why not; it's bright, it's fresh and it goes with everything. Which is why diamonds are a girls best friend!


I have a tendency to want to scotch guard myself (is that still a product?) when wearing white. However, why should the fear of stains hold us back? After all there are multiple stain removing methods and products. My favourite among them is this:  Merely hold the spot of your garment tightly over a bowl, carefully pour boiling water over the stain and watch it drip out of the fibers and into the bowl. This method works with wine, juice and berry stains. Love this, as there are no chemicals. So go forth and immerse yourself in white (and have another glass of Merlot)!

Mavi Adrianna glam white rinse $118 now at $89


This is just an utter show stopper! Just a breath of extra layer, with gorgeous embroidery detail. Wear it with destroyed jeans or even a tank dress. Just a few of many possibilities.

Cream sheer embroidered blouse $79


Maybe a fresh crisp blouse is your preference. White offers so many possibilities as, it's like a blank slate, adding colours is a total breeze. With the lovely detailing here, it still offers the possibility of just wearing it as is. Or build on the vintage look of the eyelet!

Cream Zina pintuck blouse $99


Because mosquito's would have more access to your beautiful skin, is no reason to pass up this great sweater. Just slightly out of the ordinary with slight open work giving that little extra something.

French Connection sweater (black or white) $68

White is kind of the 'smile' of the colour palate, people just naturally give you a head tilt and lighten up when you sport a bit of white, be it a big toothy grin, a diamond (yes please) or a garment. So don't be afraid of white, it's the colour of comforting things, our pillows, sugar for our tea or Gramma's hair.

Yours in fashion passion....

Suzanne M.

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Naked or we come!

How do you feel about your unclothed body? I've had some very intriguing comments from my kids about mine. "I don't care about my belly (I tell them), that's where you started out!" My body is a veritable geographic tour of my life (the cut from climbing a fence as a kid, contorted fingers from endless hours of drawing as a kid and some wart scars (I know, charming)....I like my body as it is, however,not interested in parading it around in it's unadorned format (you can keep Wreck Beach), and I am grateful for the ample choices to 'clothe it'. Not talking about only dressing for covering a flaw, more working with what we have. Plum has ample choices for complimenting your assets (top and bottom)...and thankfully for sweater lovers your favourite season continues.
This is a MUST have for sweater season. Hands down, this will be one that you'll need to invest in because it's a live in type garment. Fit to be classified as a dress, tunic or simply an elongated sweater. Pockets, for the fidgety of us and an abundant neck. On me it's lower thigh and I'm 5'7"...on our lovely, leggy model it's a bit shorter.
Press (charcoal mix) sweater dress $ 95
Another excellent tunic style sweater.  Play, work or party...Play Look: Pair it with Jeans...add a hat..Work Look: wear it with belt, tights and pumps...Party Look: wear it with tights and bootie shoes.
Kerisma cowl neck sweater dress cashmere blend (black, bordeaux) $79
Of course poncho's (open or pull over) are a mainstream fashion must now. Great for layering, wear them inside AND out, over jackets or over sweaters. The colours in this one are so bright and lively. Also great sweater-form sleeves (no more fringes catching on your key ring).
LeShop caje multi $79
Needless to say, at times, we need how this has been paired with casual kicks for fun/play time, however great with tall boots, riding boots, pumps, wherever you're headed. Try with a turtleneck and jean jacket or denim shirt and belt!
Kersh printed pencil skirt (brown print) $59
Does not matter if you spend the majority of your time in a swimsuit as a swim coach, a heavy parka because you're a ski instructor with Special Olympics, or retired...being comfortable in your own skin can take years of living in it.
'A tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep' Zag! ( sheep have opinions?)...
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
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what's in a name


Help Plum choose a label name for it's line of blouses and you could win $ 150 Plum Gift Certificate.

Follow this link for details on how to win.

What a great contest! Like naming a baby only without the 20+ years of worry! So much simpler. Too late for me, I've already signed up for the tot parade. However, yet another thing Plum does exceptionally well is blouses. Much like the Simone dress line, Plum has decided to put a name on it! (not a ring, that's Beyoncé). However, just as impactful. When receiving a compliment, you can proudly say 'well it's a.......' (fill in the blank)! (Like, everyone should know of this label-wink wink!).

Here are some examples of Plum's blouse designs to get your creative juices flowing:


This is so sweet. Lovely, lightweight, with reverse print collar, pocket, cuff and button front. Wear it opened with a tank or cami or buttoned up (as shown) and add a necklace of a contrasting alternate color (red perhaps), or to that end, perhaps, just a really bright red lip color. Yours to play with as black and white typically can tend to go with any other color of choice. Be still my heart!

Plum Hearts blouse $ 79 (comes also in black with white hearts).


If uncomplicated is your thing, this is for you. Something undeniably appealing about a basic white shirt. Lovely and long so, if you 'do' wish to add an accessory (such as a belt), it really lends itself to taking this on. Pretty much everyone can pull off this look (basic shirt and jeans as above). Also comes in a stunning red shade.

Plum long white rayon shirt $ 79 (white or red)


Plaid has come charging back in style! No longer just for your old Uncle Angus. This delightful blue sheer plaid has so much personality, you need not really say a word. It's just so much fun. A bright necklace at the collar can add some funk; or knot it at the waist and wear it with a maxi skirt and a jean jacket and (my fav) Doc marten's to balance out the playfulness of the plaid. So many ways to be creative with this. (Note that this print also comes in a wonderful, wrap front style).

Plum plaid blouse $ 79 (also in red plaid)


Perhaps a feminine mood? Above, allover primitive, flower print blouse with keyhole, features 3/4 sleeves. This pretty, lightweight fabric, provides for a multitude of ways to layer for the season (or other seasons).

Plum simple flower print blouse $ 75 (also in mocha with black flowers)


I realize this is not a blouse. Just included it to see if you're still paying attention. Thought so!! Wouldn't this great little handbag be a wonderful companion to the hearts blouse?

Patent lips clutch $ 39

Head into a Plum near you to check out more styles.  And remember, all of the blouses noted above, are Plum designed and made in Vancouver.

Yours in Fashion Passion..

Suzanne M.

PS, Don't forget to submit your entry for the contest


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