A Thousand "Made in Canada" Survey Responses!

Last month we surveyed our customers about Canadian made apparel and below is what we received from over a thousand entries.  It is important to Plum to know this because more than half of our clothing is sewn locally in Canada and it is very difficult for us to accomplish.
It seems important to our customers that they are able to purchase clothing made close to home.  
Here are a few of the summarized results:

Which statement best describes how you feel about Canadian produced clothing?



I honestly never check to see where my clothing is made.


I seldom find Canadian made clothing, so I never think about it.  


I often look for Canadian made clothing to purchase.




Which statement best describes how you think about the value of Canadian made?



I want to buy Canadian made clothing because I think it is better quality.


I want to buy Canadian made clothing if the price is the same as foreign made.


I want to purchase Canadian made clothing because I know that what I pay stays in Canada.  


What does “Made in Canada” clothing mean to you? 



The clothing is sewn in Canada.


The entire garment is made in Canada; fabric is made in Canada, notions are made in Canada, and sewing is done in Canada.  


Note: There are very few fabric mills left in Canada and practically no buttons, zippers or other notions manufactured in Canada making it next to impossible to have a garment completely made here.  However, designing, pattern making, grading, cutting and sewing can all be done locally.  It is our opinion that “Made in Canada” should mean “sewn in Canada” since the alternative would be nearly impossible. 
Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey! Congratulations to our draw winner, Ana!
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What kind of impression has Plum made on you?  Let's hear what you think. Complete this quick survey and you could win a $200 gift certificate.
Making a first impression can be vastly different than a lasting one. First impressions generally are a result of meeting someone, and making a visual judgment. Lasting impressions can be one of experience or impressions made over time. Many studies show first impressions often trump factual information later established (making first impressions harder to change than a 95 year old's mind on voting day). Lasting impressions, needless to say, can contradict the initial one. Making a lasting impression is totally up to you but Plum can assist with a great first impression! Let's look.
(remember it's sale time, with great deals to be had, but this means limited supply on size and colour options).
This little dress is a lovely choice for such monumental events as, meeting the in laws at a casual afternoon tea or lunch...note how it's been layered with a T-shirt if needing a bit more 'coverage' is required. Great idea since the idea of wearing a cardigan in this weather is a little hard to fathom.
Simone adjustable strap waterfall dress $120 now $79
Perhaps you're required to give your first presentation to a group of executives, or, maybe you're attending a baptism...I love the pockets (for those awkward 'what to do with my hands, I wish I had my purse' moments).
Simone cap sleeve dress with bust pleats $98 now $79
This is a great alternative to the ubiquitous pencil skirt featuring a wonderful primitive print, an elastic waist and great round front slit. Again, I would suggest a change of footwear and this can translate from an afternoon co-ordinate to an evening, date night piece (paired with a shawl).
Peppercorn crossover print skirt $55 now $45
I realize it's a challenge to think about jackets in this current climate, however, some of us work in air conditioned environments. White is an excellent, bright, fresh choice for this time of year. Note how it also functions well with jeans. No reason why this wouldn't suffice for a movie date in those highly air conditioned theaters.
Tobias linen jacket with patch pocket $169 now $120
They say that great first impressions are often made with simple things such as a warm smile, a firm handshake and good posture...things that compliment your wardrobe, cost nothing but go a long way.
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
'Be the type of person you'd like to meet'
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Who does not like to feel like they have a say in something? I love to know I can potentially have an impact on a product design or change. This week Plum is presenting a survey (follow this link to the survey). A great opportunity to effect the outcome of future season styles. As well a you could win a $200 Gift Certificate.

One way or another spring is coming and it's great to get geared up (so to speak). I've had a peek at some great new things coming and am excited to show you a few. Save some for your trip or just be prepared for Spring. This is just the beginning of yet another great season at Plum.

Lets browse:


What about a 'romantic' trip to Italy? (yes please) This sweet little dress, is just crying out for a pose next to the Trevi Fountain. However, this need not be squirreled away for a trip or spring. Very wearable now, with different footwear and tights (and of course a jacket). V-neck, daisy print, back zip, with slit.

Simone asymetrical flared hem dress black or navy $129


Are you more of an adventure seeker? Lots of camping and hiking virgin trails? Then pack the shorts and go. Or, of course for spring, bring them up a notch with espadrilles or Chuck Taylors. Cargo pockets, back pockets and front pockets (purse not required).

Point Zero walking short (abalone, black) $54


Is your destination a cruise? This is such a lovely dress; fabric is so delicious and soft with such a fluid drape, it's an easy pick. Pleated front, birds in flight print, with pockets.

Simone cap sleeve dress with bust pleat (black/white or navy/red) $98

Image're just going to visit relatives. Sorry did I spoil the dream in progress? (slipped that in to see if you were paying attention). Or maybe a business trip? Or someplace not so much drenched in sunshine. This is such a fun coat for the start of the season. The black and white pattern lends itself easily to co-ordinating with any other colour.

Fate snake print Cocoon coat (black/white) $ 149

Whether it's an 'all inclusive' resort trip, a camping trip or merely planning your spring wardrobe, Plum is one step ahead. And don't forget about the survey. Your input can have an effect on upcoming seasons and you could win a $200 Gift Certificate to help you along.

Yours in Fashion passion

Suzanne M.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Why are we asking for your size?

I wish I could say I loved filling out surveys but I don’t.  I do them anyway because I believe the information could be important to improving a service or a product.
If I am being asked for personal information I often wonder how it is going to be used and who has access to that information.  
As one of the owners of Plum I know how important good information can be to making good business decisions.  Good decisions can result in better service or a better product for our customers.  We often do surveys but we never connect the information that we get to the customer.  The survey we are asking you to fill out today is an exception and this is why.
We are very careful to produce only what we can sell but for sizes it is often very difficult to estimate the number of units in each size.  It can vary from store to store and from style to style so getting reliable information about the sizes of our customers connected to what they purchase can mean we can be very accurate.  That means less waste and lower costs.  Since we produce locally that is extremely important to our competitiveness.
So when we ask for your size it is not because we want to know ‘your’ size but because we want to count the number of customers in each size category, by store location and by age.  That is powerful information and simply means we are more likely to have ‘your’ size when you go shopping with us.
To complete this survey (and enter the draw for a Gift Card), please click here. We do not share, sell, give or in any way permit the use of this information by any entity other than Plum to create and market clothing.
While we're on the topic of sizes, did you know that if we don't have your size at a Plum store, we will often be able to find it at another store and have it brought in for you?
Katie O’Brien
Co-owner Plum Clothing Ltd.
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Plum's Taking Notes


We did 3 surveys this past spring on all facets of shopping, styling and how you select the clothes you wear, and we learned so much about you! Thank you to those who filled out the survey; you were generous with your ideas and we’ve taken notes!

We liked how many of you thought a sales associate should act as your personal shopper: knowledgeable about products and skilled to wardrobe you if you request. They should be ready with options for how to wear garments and accessories that work with the look should you ask for help, but you don’t want them to hover over you while you browse. 


Many of you also claimed you wanted honest, insightful opinions about what works for you when asked and you appreciate genuine interactions with us, not some silly sales pitches or phony smiles that you can totally see through.

When I said we’ve been taking notes, I wasn’t kidding. We have some exciting new developments at Plum as we continue to strive to put the right clothing on the right women, so stay tuned for upcoming posts!

We've got one last short survey for you and you could win a $150 gift certificate! Click here to enter.


   ... read the full post and reader comments

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