Who does not like to feel like they have a say in something? I love to know I can potentially have an impact on a product design or change. This week Plum is presenting a survey (follow this link to the survey). A great opportunity to effect the outcome of future season styles. As well a you could win a $200 Gift Certificate.

One way or another spring is coming and it's great to get geared up (so to speak). I've had a peek at some great new things coming and am excited to show you a few. Save some for your trip or just be prepared for Spring. This is just the beginning of yet another great season at Plum.

Lets browse:


What about a 'romantic' trip to Italy? (yes please) This sweet little dress, is just crying out for a pose next to the Trevi Fountain. However, this need not be squirreled away for a trip or spring. Very wearable now, with different footwear and tights (and of course a jacket). V-neck, daisy print, back zip, with slit.

Simone asymetrical flared hem dress black or navy $129


Are you more of an adventure seeker? Lots of camping and hiking virgin trails? Then pack the shorts and go. Or, of course for spring, bring them up a notch with espadrilles or Chuck Taylors. Cargo pockets, back pockets and front pockets (purse not required).

Point Zero walking short (abalone, black) $54


Is your destination a cruise? This is such a lovely dress; fabric is so delicious and soft with such a fluid drape, it's an easy pick. Pleated front, birds in flight print, with pockets.

Simone cap sleeve dress with bust pleat (black/white or navy/red) $98

Image're just going to visit relatives. Sorry did I spoil the dream in progress? (slipped that in to see if you were paying attention). Or maybe a business trip? Or someplace not so much drenched in sunshine. This is such a fun coat for the start of the season. The black and white pattern lends itself easily to co-ordinating with any other colour.

Fate snake print Cocoon coat (black/white) $ 149

Whether it's an 'all inclusive' resort trip, a camping trip or merely planning your spring wardrobe, Plum is one step ahead. And don't forget about the survey. Your input can have an effect on upcoming seasons and you could win a $200 Gift Certificate to help you along.

Yours in Fashion passion

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Now that we’ve talked about colour and body type, there’s one more factor we’ve been learning about to help our customers dress with purpose and that’s personality style. We asked a series of questions about what our customers prefer and we found that they have three things they like best when it comes to their clothing: functionality, comfort and a dash of style.

When we work with individual clients at ICU Image Consulting, we do a detailed personality style analysis and a series of exercises to help our clients really dig down into what they love most so we can help them make the perfect choices for them. There are six personality style types that we work with and we find that people typically reside in one and have a secondary influencer.

Here’s a quick bit about what each one is like:

Dramatics love being seen, love to live in the best place in town, are high flyers and so would drive a noticeable vehicle, either something brightly coloured, uniquely detailed or expensive! They live for cutting edge trends and are often seen in the latest thing.

Aristocrats (Elegant Sporty) really like using their intelligence for achievement and would love to live on a spacious country estate. The Elegant Sporty loves function, so might enjoy a sturdy SUV that’s not too flashy but good for heading off-road if necessary. They love high quality and things that last.

Natural personality types are very much ‘what you see is what you get’ and their fashion is always comfortable and they don’t care much about how things look, although they do like to dress with attitude, given the right opportunity. They are the freedom loving, bargain hunting nature lovers! They would be living in a cabin in the woods, off the grid, at their most extreme.

The Classic is mainly concerned with being appropriate and they like rules and order. They live in nice houses in nice neighborhoods with white picket fences at their most extreme and they love order. They like to blend in and love things that are simple, elegant and tailored. They love simple clothes that are neither too trendy nor outdated.

Creatives like to break the rules, as one of their favourite things is self-expression. They love eclectic homes, and unusual pieces with a story. In their fashion, they like to put odd things together.

Finally, the Romantic personality style type is the one who loves luxury and beauty the most. They love to live in opulent spaces, with lots of soft throws, pillows, crystal and chandeliers. They are the lovers and are really motivated by relationship and they love to wear things that are feminine, flowing and soft. They need to have things that feel good against the skin. In their fashion, they enjoy sheer fabric, lace, jersey, cashmere and things that drape well.

People can exhibit traits of different personality style types at any time, but they generally feel most at home in the one that meets the majority of their needs. We spend a lot of time getting very specific on all these details, but we know that you might be pressed for time when you’re looking for that perfect outfit at Plum.

We want to make sure that we know as much as we can about what you need, so the outfit we help you find works not just for your colouring and body type, but also for your personality. In our next blog, we’ll talk about what kinds of Plum fashions suit each set of characteristics best. We’ve found that the traits of a few different personality style types to better fit the majority of customers.



Here are the three basic personality types and their characteristics– see where you fit best! 

The Active Thinker

This type loves things that function really well, are of good quality and hold their value. They will pay more for things that they expect to last. They love things that make sense and meet their needs. They don’t like to think a lot about their clothing. They love the best quality they can afford and their style is simple, tailored, sporty and elegant.

They love to influence others and are sophisticated, yet approachable. In their ideal world, they’d live in a spacious home with a large groomed acreage or yard and would take active vacations that would include things like skiing or golf. They might drive durable SUVs of good quality that can get them to places like the ski slope or tennis court equally well. At work, you might find them in traditional industries such as finance or politics. Think Princess Kate and you’re on the right track.

The Easygoing Comfort Seeker

This personality type is extremely direct, loves freedom and doesn’t generally care about fashion. They enjoy functionality and have high economic value, so everything they buy needs to be a good deal, practical or comfortable and preferably all three. They aren’t especially concerned with material possessions but are very concerned with authenticity and being real. Their style is also simple, but much less tailored – if something fits, that’s a bonus. They love natural fabrics and they love to dress with flair and attitude while still remaining comfortable.

Naturals really enjoy a casual lifestyle, love to live in homes that are very eco-friendly and love to be close to nature. They would drive a hybrid or have no car at all. They would vacation in nature, either camping or travelling to places to go on safari and see more of the world’s natural beauty. You’ll often find them in careers that allow them to make a difference and make the world a better place. Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are great examples of this personality type.

The Lover of All Things in Moderation

This personality type loves being moderate and neat. Safety is one of their chief concerns and being appropriately dressed for any occasion is of primary importance.  They are very well mannered and like to practice good etiquette. They are refined, poised and well-coordinated. They don’t like to stand out, are often found in supportive roles and like to make sure everyone gets along.  Their style is much the same – they like to blend in and keep things harmonious, choosing beautifully tailored pieces that go well with one another. They love style rules that they can follow and they also love to ‘do things properly’.

You’d find these lovers of moderation living in nicely appointed homes in safe neighborhoods; a white picket fence would suit them perfectly. They would drive a beautifully cared for (but not flashy) family sedan and would vacation in places where the itinerary is carefully laid out and organized. At work, you’ll find them in careers where they can use their organizational skills to their advantage and support others in a team environment; they are fantastic administrators and managers. If you’re thinking of Michelle Obama, you’re on the money!

-Katherine Lazaruk of ICU Image Consulting


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