Plum's Colour Series: Part 4




Nature is inspiring--every season it comes out with amazing colour combinations. Whether they're light and bright like in the spring, clear and cool in the winter, or rich and woodsy in the fall, Nature can surprise us with the variety of colours it offers. Just like Nature, we are inspiring and surprising, and our natural colouring can serve as the basis for our colour choices in clothing as well! You don't see Nature running around wearing pale, baked colours in the spring, when everything is fresh and new, and you don't see many riotous colours in the winter, when things are a little more stark and dramatic.


It works the same way for us. When people with really light and bright colouring wear something that is pale and soft, it looks out of place. Same with people who have really gorgeous intense colouring--when they wear something too warm and woodsy, or something that just doesn't pop, they can also look out of step. If you've got something in the closet that you just aren't wearing, colour can be one of the reasons why. Take the item, step in front of a mirror, and see if it really matches who you are. If not, it might be time to shop with purpose and find something that makes you look naturally healthy, radiant, and beautiful. Take a page out of Nature's album and find out what your natural colours can do for you.


UPDATE! Plum's fashion consultants have now completed all 3 modules of the training program: colour, body analysis and personality. We have learned so much and we are eager to share it with you. Stay tuned to No Guru for more posts on body analysis and personality coming soon. 





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