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Fashion Choices for your Personality Style

November 22, 2013

Plum has clothing for many different personality style types. All of our clothing is comfortable, functional and good value. We really like to help you dress with purpose, so we take a long view on building a wardrobe that goes the distance. In this entry, we’ll take a look at some of the it...

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Personality Style

November 15, 2013

Now that we’ve talked about colour and body type, there’s one more factor we’ve been learning about to help our customers dress with purpose and that’s personality style. We asked a series of questions about what our customers prefer and we found that they have three things t...

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Dress with Purpose: Body Talk Part 2

October 11, 2013

You might be wondering how exactly the elements of design in your body match elements of design in your clothes to create harmony. After our last post, you may have been inspired to take a good look in the mirror to see just what your elements of design might be! Not only that, but we hope you...

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Dress with Purpose: Body Talk Part 1

October 3, 2013

In Plum's Colour Series, we discussed how colour is still relevant and important for your day to day wardrobing – primarily so it matches you, but also so that things in your wardrobe go with other things! In this post and our next, we’ll be talking about how your body is relevant ...

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Plum's Colour Series: Part 4

September 26, 2013

  Nature is inspiring--every season it comes out with amazing colour combinations. Whether they're light and bright like in the spring, clear and cool in the winter, or rich and woodsy in the fall, Nature can surprise us with the variety of colours it offers. Just like Nature, we are i...

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