Plum's Taking Notes


We did 3 surveys this past spring on all facets of shopping, styling and how you select the clothes you wear, and we learned so much about you! Thank you to those who filled out the survey; you were generous with your ideas and we’ve taken notes!

We liked how many of you thought a sales associate should act as your personal shopper: knowledgeable about products and skilled to wardrobe you if you request. They should be ready with options for how to wear garments and accessories that work with the look should you ask for help, but you don’t want them to hover over you while you browse. 


Many of you also claimed you wanted honest, insightful opinions about what works for you when asked and you appreciate genuine interactions with us, not some silly sales pitches or phony smiles that you can totally see through.

When I said we’ve been taking notes, I wasn’t kidding. We have some exciting new developments at Plum as we continue to strive to put the right clothing on the right women, so stay tuned for upcoming posts!

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