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I must be dreaming!

December 18, 2017

Was I dreaming of a white Christmas? I guess dreaming is a bad idea (for me!) because suddenly, it appeared a plenty! Snow (or as I like to call it), silent, white road panic inducers. Nature's driving exam... if you will! Let's just say some are not as adept at driving in thi...

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Get out of here!!

December 14, 2016

Planning to 'get out of here', leave, go south or to a resort? If so, that's fantastic and aren't you the lucky one! Unless you live in Calgary or have experience with driving snow plows, these conditions for us here in the far west are a challenge and who wouldn't want to escape...

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Travel wear?

December 30, 2015

Remember: Until Jan.31, 2016 you could win your online purchase. Just think, your travel wardrobe could be totally covered if you win. View the resort wear collection and details here. So you have a great vacation on the horizon, nabbed a fantastic all inclusive deal and are ready to go. If keepin...

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show it off

December 2, 2015

Plum now has their 2016 Resort Collection in the stores and online! Apparently liking yourself and how you look is the new black. FINALLY! After all, reality is far more interesting than any movie produced because it's unpredictable and ever us! So, you'll be going to a resor...

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Final Boarding Call

February 4, 2015

Plum has put together everything you need to make your escape. We hear that February is the biggest going south month of the year for Canadians so here you go find your summer bliss during this long cold Canadian winter. Leave it all behind with all the most important get away pieces in stores ...

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all inclusive

January 15, 2015

Who does not like to feel like they have a say in something? I love to know I can potentially have an impact on a product design or change. This week Plum is presenting a survey (follow this link to the survey). A great opportunity to effect the outcome of future season styles. As well a you could w...

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