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Our current times are such that fashion has provided us with a multitude of trend choices which are more undulating than stagnant and fixed. Seasonally though, there are a few that rise to the top of our must have lists. You know your body, know it's strengths so let that knowledge lead the way. There are so many trends that if something doesn't grab you, there will be many other options. After all, feeling good in what you wear means you feel more powerful and strong and able to tackle your daily routine, seamlessly without agonizing about your fashion choice. Here are a few to get excited about:


These are fabulous and THEY ARE HERE, in store and online! You have got to try these. They truly look like real, fine leather but they're vegan as they say. Grab a girlfriend, go into a Plum store and try these on...they are so sexy looking!

Cream Carla coated jeans (black) $149


Two trends in one...the floral/botanical print and the bomber jacket turns a boys style into something pretty! The fact that it's floral, creates more opportunity for occasions and places to wear. Not just for the weekend with jeans. Try it with a colour coordinated poncho, great with a dress, or wide leg pants.

Be Young Desta floral bomber jacket (black/red) $109

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Ruffles and frills.  While they are super cute and feminine, they may not be for everyone, OR you merely have to find a way to wear it that it works for your body type. Head into a Plum location and Plum staff will help turn your obsession with a current trend into something you will want to wear, not just this season.

Wasabi bell sleeve mini dress (black or hunter green) $79

Cream ruffle shell top (cream) $89

Soya concept Swiss dot blouse (off white) $69



My favourite thing about colour block is, not having to worry about matching patterns; you can wear various colours either together or monochrome beneath. Again, in store staff can help you find other great coordinates.

Point Zero colour block open cardigan (wine) $86


Plaid is a really fun pattern to play with. Try it with plain white stripes, polka dots, above worn with jeans or wrap a bright red scarf at the neck. Tuck it into a skirt or jeans, or button it up and add a funky necklace.

Sneak Peak blue plaid shirt (blue/white) $79

A lot of trends seem to be set by the elite who are chauffeured around and thus can wear 5 inch heels and discard what they wore yesterday....however, we live in the real world so.... some basic advice? Teeth and good posture are always in style so remember to brush and stand up straight!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Trends, how to pick them, how to wear them and how to integrate them with your current lifestyle, can be as daunting and confusing as an annual financial report, so, don't waste your brain power. Head into a Plum location near you, and enjoy the human experience! Because online customer service reps are in a pop up window!

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The full quote is "Well behaved women, seldom make history"~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. In honor of International women's day, I thought this could be an apt title for this weeks blog. My only question is...why only one day!! We do great things...we run businesses, we teach, clean up after people, perform surgery and gee our bodies are capable of making people...and we only get one day? Well, let's celebrate the other 364 as well...wear what we love most, adorn ourselves with fabulous accessories; whatever makes us feel powerful, happy and US! (fyi, naked can feel this way too;)


Those are some dangerous curves...which is one difference between us and the other half. And why shy away from them. If you have them (curves that is), show 'em off! After all, when you have a fabulous caboose, your pants stay up better.

Point Zero embroidered blouse with crochet insert (cream) $75

Yoga Italy jean (hand sanded) $148


This seriously well designed Simone dress takes an uncompromising approach to fit. Cap sleeved, exposed zipper, fully lined, colour blocked, providing a perfect, sleek looking, professional addition to your wardrobe.

Simone slim dress with contrast and short sleeves (black/white or Navy/white) $149


Yes, I's not all about the hips. This fabulous, a line swing shape dress draws attention upwards...where your beautiful face is. The great thing is, with such a neckline, who needs jewellery...or at least a necklace is redundant.

Very J open neck sleeveless a-line dress (black) $59


Try these camouflage pants if you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd from the sea of solid colour bottoms...or rather, I guess you'd blend in....ANYWAY, they're fun, great casual weekend wear apparel.

Mavi Juliette cargo pant (military green) $118


You know, you're the star attraction, you don't need a sweater to prove that, although, why not! Fun, albeit subtle star featured in the middle!

Soya concept star sweater (sand) $85

So, in this 'week' that celebrates women...I say I'm grateful for all those great women in my life, my Mother, my sisters, my aunts, cousins, friends and even my little girls....and heck even my brother because he's been like a sister to me...

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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