Chromophobia party!

GREAT NEWS: Plum is excited to announce it's new 'POP UP 'PIECES' STORE' at UBC...just in time for back to school, for a limited time only, check it out at the UBC BOOKSTORE!
A stark departure from the wonderful Pride events (colours and all), a newly emerged trend is Le Dîner en Blanc. Pride is an 'anything goes' and 'all welcome' type public social party! Dîner (began in France thirty years ago) is a refined, distinguished, elegant affair, by invitation only. Both are wonderful, however, one is a bit more of a stain magnet, as the requirement is 'white only' (everything)! This lovely, community building affair, affords you the opportunity to dress elegantly, bring a guest, and meet new people as you sit and converse, surrounded by a stunning white decor. Sounds great (I mean divine!)...So... let's get dressed!
Go ahead and flirt. You know you can't help it in this dress. It's fresh, stunning and sexy! White eyelet is perfect for such an event and so form fitting.
Another excellent choice is anything with lace or embroidery. This gorgeous top matches well with white pants or a maxi skirt.
Show a little shoulder. Very much an 'in' trend this season. Great length if you wish to add a belt or use as a scarf instead. Perhaps add pearls and a white clutch!Image
A must have for the evening. Worn above as a scarf, doubles as a shawl...because the venue's are unknown ahead of time, you could be near the water. Don't let the evening breezes catch you off guard. Be prepared.
I love white...some of my favourite things are white...wine, sugar, Betty, liquid paper (throw back Thursday)....and of course a dress!! Nice to know one need not be a stressed out bride to wear one! If you're fortunate enough to be attending or invited, have a wonderful time, (and just in case, don't forget your umbrella...the white one!).
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
For more information on Le Dîner en Blanc...follow this link.  check availability in a Plum store near you. As well, new fall arrivals in store now!
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50 shades of black...is still black

In my opinion, February needs a bit of a kick in the butt. Doesn't February make you feel like you would like to go to sleep and not wake up until June? Perhaps it's the endless blocks of pedestrians tempting fate with the head to toe black (and of course the rain). Whatever it is, a titillating movie (and maybe a kick in the wardrobe department), might help the mood a bit. The current movie choice is fairly obvious but Plum can help cure the doldrums in the wardrobe department.

Take a look at some Plum picks...


How fresh, pretty and romantic looking is this? Ultra feminine with a peak of lace (cami) beneath. Add (as above) a statement piece or a collection of eclectic necklaces as the twist neckline would welcome.

Plum front draped top (black, champagne, periwinkle) $79




This is such a wardrobe basic. Basic white t shirt, jacket of choice and (as above) a pair of super comfortable jeans and you're set. Add or subtract accessories if you're feeling so inclined.

Nanavatee asymmetrical slub cotton t shirt (white, hot melon, khaki) $35

Mavi jogger comfort jean (dark sporty) $98

Tobias 2 button jacket (black) $179




Perhaps a great choice for Anastasia for her interview with Christian? Undeniably a great corporate look or even a date (as seen in the front of the email). Black and white together are clearly a great combination, however, any other colour will co-ordinate. Sometimes we're just too busy to construct a complex look, in which case, this works perfectly well as it is.

Tobias zip front fitted jacket (black, ivory) $185  Did you know that Plum now has online sales? www.plum.ca

I think when Drabuary rolls around, we all need a bit of a perk.  Injecting a bit of white into your wardrobe is such an uncomplicated way. And you never know, you might just happen to meet a billionaire (or look like you are one)!

Yours in fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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