First off, we at Plum were overwhelmed by the response to our Casual Friday survey.  Over 2,500 customers responded so far, therefore we can confidently state some preliminary results.

Not surprisingly, 92% of you say that people are dressing more casual today then ever before. We received hundreds of opinions about why this may be a good or bad thing, but it is clear that the workplace has generally become more casual.

We were surprised to see how many respondents have Casual Friday; a full 50%.  But not everyone likes it because there are hundreds of examples of how it has become ‘slovenly Friday’ for many employees. 

It seems that since most of the week has become casual anyway, Friday has now drifted into a situation where as one customer put it, “…the jeans you wore for washing the dog that are faded and ripped, with the matching vintage Duran Duran tee-shirt with mustard stains from too many hotdogs makes one look like a slob, not casual.”

With all the examples of wearing faded jeans, yoga wear, and sweatpants in a Friday ‘free for all’ the most surprising result was that more employers are not strict with the guidelines! Less than 8% of employers who have Casual Fridays have a strict policy. Almost 60% have minimal guidelines, and 30% have absolutely no guidelines at all!

We will let you know more results in a couple of weeks so watch for my posts.


Now for some fun... Casual Friday gone wrong at The Office


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This March 3rd the Dress for Success annual fundraising gala will take place at the classy Vancouver club.  Suitably dubbed an event for change, IMPACT will be a fun, fashion-friendly event that also benefits the community.

Plum has long been a supporter of this amazing organization that first helps disadvantaged women gain employment, along with confidence, through finding suitable clothing, accessories, and even make-up and hair styling for their job-search.   What many people aren’t aware of is how much support is offered to the participants after their work-friendly wardrobe is found. Through mentorship, networking opportunities, skills-training workshops and use of computers and supplies at their career centres, Dress for Success helps women become self-supporting and economically independent for themselves and their families.  Such involved charitable work in our community is not possible without the support of countless volunteers and sponsors, and amazing donors and attendees at events like IMPACT.

This year, IMPACT, an event for change, will feature amazing door prizes and raffle prizes (imagine winning a $2,500 Oakridge Shopping Spree), a thrilling live auction (live the swank life and bid!), and fine wines and hors d’oeuvres, all while enjoying our good company.  Let’s not minimize the effect of hearing how your attendance will impact the many lives of Dress for Success applicants, as they share their incredible stories of achieving success. 
So put on your lovely Simone dress, and come!
When: March 3rd, 2011 Doors open at 5:30 pm
Where: Vancouver Club 915 West Hastings at Hornby
How: Tickets -$125 dollars at (75$ Charitable Tax Receipt included)
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Casual Fridays - Love it or Hate it?


Is it possible that Casual Friday has passed its expiry date? Has the original intention become irrelevant?

We at Plum want to stay absolutely up to date with how our customers are dressing so we are asking the question. Do you love it or do you hate it? Is it necessary? Please fill out our Casual Friday survey  - you could win a $200 Gift Certificate.

The workplace has changed over the years. For instance the technology era has brought us “cool” places to work where casual dressing is the new suit! 

But everyone has seen cases where workers just don’t seem to get it when it comes to casual dressing for work. When the norm is casual during the week Friday arrives and for some it means one step above going to the beach! Is that how we want to represent where we work?

In an era where everyone is trying to get our economy back on its feet and competition for advancement in the workplace is prevalent, are we really getting what we originally intended from casual Fridays? It used to be a break from wearing a suit? Tell us what YOU think.

So, please post a comment here, and also take our Casual Friday survey  - you could win a $200 Gift Certificate.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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Wearing dresses


So I just bought the cutest dress at Plum. I don't normally pay $145 for a dress, but it's super cute and different, and comfortable. Okay, what I like about it the most is it's really flattering. My bod looks great!And another great thing about  dresses-they make getting dressed in the morning really easy. And though I'm very happily married- I do notice another thing about wearing dresses...guys LOVE them! There's something so intrinsically feminine about a dress, that I guess dudes respond to! Really! Single ladies take note and give it a try on your next first date!This pic is the dress I bought.Soooo cute on!  ... read the full post and reader comments

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spring trend report - sheer


There were many sheer pieces in the Spring 2011 Ready To Wear lines that were both romantic and sexy.  Many pieces were shown in neutrals and bright colourful prints including blouses, skirt, and dresses.

Try pairing a sheer floral Plum blouse with a pair of trousers or denim this Spring!


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