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Plum has a great sale for the next 4 days. No need to brave the border lineups! I've noted a few of the great deals below but I had to preface it all by noting that Plum's exquisitely constructed Tobias coats (select styles) are on sale. (an exceptional deal at $ 100 off the regular price)...Along with scarf and jewelry specials, jackets and more.

Ok who here has already started shopping for Christmas, put up Christmas lights,  sent out Christmas cards or snuck an eggnog latte? Raise your hand if you're already listening to Christmas music. The season is fast approaching.  I'm noticing that I'll ponder purchasing something for a few days, when I return to purchase it (online or not) it's gone, surprisingly, although it's just November. Getting in front of the seasonal 'to do' list, will save you in the long run.

However, and whenever you like to prepare for the season, Plum has some ideas for you. So, enjoy the sale and pick up a few great things for friends or relatives. Lets have a look:


Who does not love PJ's for Christmas...Sshhhh, don't tell anyone, but I don't bother to buy them because I know I'll get them....(from Santa)...aren't these adorable? Clearly great for the cat lover or coffee addict. Already nicely presented, wrapped in a ribbon, makes gifting easy.  Can't you see these on your Gramma?

DKR&CO. PJ's. 100% cotton (multiple patterns available)

regularly $ 40 per set (For these 4 days only purchase 2 sets for $ 50)


These pieces are so divine, it would be hard to part with one of them, however, that's also an option (a piece for you, a piece for your best friend?). Such a beautiful, elegantly bold, bohemian look with the multiple colours. I'll leave that conundrum of which to keep and which to give away, to you!

For 4 days only Plum is offering jewelry buy 1, get the second one at 50% off.


And it's really not too early to start thinking about the office parties, or even New Years...this glitzy little bag or the magazine print clutch for the fashion lover (no I'm not dropping hints!). Both excellent options for all black, a hint of red or hot pink shoe and a dazzling necklace. Or go all out with a monochromatic look of another colour. The black and white of the clutch is a great companion for any other colour.

For 4 days only all purses are 25% off.


Enough about other people and what to get them. How about a scarf to pump up your wardrobe. Clearly an easy pick because, needless to say, one size fits all.

4 days only at Plum SCARVES are 25% off. (so, you can think of others, if need be ;)

Try to enjoy the varied, seasonal activities in December, by starting early, beating the usual crowds, gift choices are also at their optimum. All in all, just go and enjoy the sale (passport not needed!). If you're prepared to start searching for the right gifts now, here's a great opportunity. Or find something for yourself and make something with those old, previously loved jeans as hand made gifts are always cherished. So many great suggestions came in on the survey. I've included a few great ones below for you to steal.

Yours in fashion passion

Suzanne M.

 So much creativity...enjoy:

The question posed on the survey was "What do you do with your old denim?"

The results showed: 

  • 60% donate to charity
  • 15% make them into shorts
  • 10% kept them indefinitely
  • 8% give to sister, Mother, roommate (etc)
  • balance are varied responses


And below are some of the notable submissions (you are definitely a generous, creative group):


“cut  into strips , use them in my smoker for my beehive. Cotton burns nice and slow” Anonymous


“cut off the pant legs into 12 inch sections fill them with barly/wheat and sew them together to make heating/ cooling bags, works great...makes great gifts” Caroline


“I used my son's old jeans as part of his home made Halloween costume. I cut off the legs and put these on his arms with old runners on his hands. His arms stuck out if the shark's costume I had made. It looked like the shark had eaten someone!”  Nicola


“I make gift bags out of them, lined with a previously loved t-shirt” Dee


“I have ripped them into strips and use them for tying my garden plants.” Laurel


“I have made (sewed) a closet organizer with old jeans, sewed pockets on parts of jeans and then attached to a hanger”   Anita

And this one we liked because it just sounded like so much fun!

"My friend has a "clothing swap" twice a year. About 30 women get together with bags of clothes they no longer wear(and often bring bags from other friends) The host holds up each item (this takes all afternoon) while we sit and enjoy all of the yummy food and wine that we also bring. She holds up the item, says the size and the brand. you put out a call if you want the item. If no one shouts out, then they get tossed to her beautiful assistant to rebag. All of the re-bagged items go directly to women's shelters in downtown Vancouver and schools (yes, we bring our kids clothes too) When more than one person shouts out for an item, they each have to try on and model and the group decides who it looks best on. A fun day, and at the end bags and bags of lots of jeans, jackets, shirts, dresses for women needed help at that time . There are always LOTS of jeans!"   Lyanne


Thanks to everyone for your contributions.


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