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If you have something to say or a cause to support, it's commonplace to put it on a t shirt. And why not, that's a lot of blank space to be used! This is not new, the first graphic t's were army issue back in the 40's or perhaps earlier, the 'Wizard of Oz' t shirts used to promote the film. Graphic t's then skyrocketed to popularity in the 50's and 60's when bands caught on to their promotional appeal. And, who can forget George Michael's 1984 iconic 'Choose Life' t shirt. BUT, no need to be so serious. Plum has a wonderful selection with a much more light hearted take made by Bear Dance. They're silly, often feature some of our favourite pets and fit so well. Let's explore them and a few ideas on what to wear with them:


This is assuming your cat can't read, otherwise this is a great way to get on your cat's bad side! But who cares, it's for your amusement not theirs. Love how it's worn above with camo pants, after all, don't forget black and white are viewed as neutrals. Don't be afraid to mix things up!

Bear Dance cat and book (grey or ivory) $35

Mavi Juliette cargo pant (military green) $118


Maybe sass up the silly of this 'chicken doing yoga', with a pair of tuxedo jeans. With the addition of the 'don't-mess-with-me' heels', I'd say this is a fun Friday night outfit!

Bear Dance chicken doing yoga (black) $35

Dish skinny tuxedo jean (black) $124

Image Image

Here are three pieces that work well together. If you work in a somewhat relaxed environment, these pieces work because they balance each other out and there are no pattern clashes.

Bear Dance 'I work hard' t shirt (black) $35

Look gingham check scarf $39

Tobias jacket with elastic back (blue/cream or cream/black) $189


And who doesn't love 'little red' staring down the big bad wolf! Another way to wear your graphic t...tuck it into a skirt, add a belt and a simple cardigan add a bit of red lipstick and you're ready to go!

Bear Dance wolf and riding hood (heather grey) $35

Orb pencil skirt (black, or heather grey) $55

Image Image
Image Image

Plum has plenty of seriously comical images to choose from. Find the ones that suit you. They're also great as gifts.

So, maybe if we have something to say, we can possibly use Facebook, blogs, Twitter, or back in the day, we used that low tech thing above our chin... maybe we can save the t shirts for, light hearted, funny, silly...provoking smiles and fun conversations...not more arguments. Because, well...we now have a new world leader that can do that for us!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Let's make graphic t's great again! ;)

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When is a t-shirt not a just a t-shirt? When it has another purpose. No, I don't mean wiping up counter stains or your children's faces. Don't you love dual purpose? I do. I love anything that has more than one use. Not only lovely, wearable works of art, with these t shirts, Plum will be donationg $ 2.00 from the sale of each to The Nature Conservancy of Canada.  http://www.natureconservancy.ca.  An organization who's driving force is to preserve our natural resources, and has done so for over 50 years.  Artwork on these gorgeous, exclusive to Plum t shirts are the work of  local artist Simone Des Roches Phd, biologist and self professed naturalist.


Graphic T's are often fun or interesting but printed on rather unflattering, manly shape bodies. Plum has produced these gorgeous t shirts, however, in 8, bright, fun, summer colors in a very complimentary A-line shape. Which can easily flow into your existing wardrobe, or top up a pair of shorts or capri's. Or for more of a boho look, a long flowy skirt. Made of cotton with just a hint of spandex, expands the wearability factor.


These captivating, beautiful and almost mystical images, depict 4 either extinct, extirpated or threatened Canadian species. Free hand drawings so detailed, one can almost see the motion of the pigeon (for instance). Great conversation starters!

Beautiful and meaningful; more than one would normally expect from the average t shirt. Feeling good about your clothing choices, could not be much easier.

For more details on these captivating drawings, click the thumbnail below.



The T's can be bought in Plum stores, or on our web store.



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