A long standing relationship, based on support and caring. Annually Plum, with your help, aims to match 2 big sisters with 2 little sisters

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Who doesn't love 20% off (and sharing)...why not both*

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So valued is the Mother/daughter relationship, yet does not always consist of 'a Mother and daughter'...think...big sister/little sister, best friends, older cousin/younger cousin, aunts and nieces. Thinking back...by the time I was 19 years old and going for my first big job interview, my mother loaned me one of her dresses.  Despite the many many decades age and style gap, she managed to help me look, more like a grown up, ready for a job, woman. Today we are so fortunate; with a multitude of styles that seamlessly cross over the generations. (It's no longer required that a 50 year old, look...50)...current styles are more ageless.  And Plum is THE place where there is no gap; the place for multigenerational shopping where you will both find styles to suit your unique personalities.


What do these lovely women have in common? It's not their size, height or age....other than they're mother and daughters, they all shop at Plum. Our society has become far more ageless, and our fashions reflect that. Although personally, I stay away from mini skirts. But that's just me!



Don't waste your time raiding your mother's closet, just go shopping with her instead. Saves having to explain where 'it' went. Above are some very professional styles; jackets that can move from office, event, meetings to weekend wear, with a bit of tweaking.



These are not 'MOM JEANS' these are jeans that will fit your Mom, (or aunt, or cousin)! Current denim styles suit and fit everyone. They're designed to look great and fit to accommodate a 'real' body and movement. Note the raw, unfinished hem, and harem style work for everyone!


What is your Mother's best quality? Mother's often possess so many wonderful qualities, hard to pick only one. My Mother's middle eastern heritage meant we enjoyed many wonderful meals, she had enviable full lips, that made Molly Ringwald look like Paul Ryan and her love of fashion meant she had quite a charming collection of interesting hats (to name a mere few). If you're a Mother and you haven't introduced your daughter to Plum, what are you waiting for? After all, you're the Mom...the original 'know it all'(and we love that)!

Yours in fashion passion...

Suzanne M...

Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a Mother! (Pinterest)

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