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Do you dress for attention or intention and what's the difference? ATTENTION is anything that turns heads, INTENTION is a message you 'intend' to convey (professional, creative, functional, tasteful)! For me, as a teen I was drawn to the most inconspicuous forward 30 years (ok 40), I counsel myself with 'no need to wear all the bold things at once'! Here's a great tip that someone once shared... If you're dressed and ready to go and unsure of all the components...face away from the mirror, turn around quickly and the first thing that catches your eye...take it off. (I personally take all else off-lol). OR turn to someone who knows what Plum.


I'm not sure which camp this dress falls into, nor if it matters. It's so pretty, yet bold and easy to wear. Features an easy shape, pockets, tie back and comes in 3 great patterns. Go summer!!

Simone sleeveless flared sundress (aqua, blue/pink, red) $129


This definitely makes for a dramatic look. Love the black/white contrast, however, keeping in mind the detailed pattern of the lace, one could certainly pair it with many other things, skinny jeans, crop pants, shorts, with footwear being one of the key focus changers.

Wander maxi embroidered mesh vest (black) $85


Perhaps your intention is towards looking casual, comfortable, yet still trendy. This has it all in the bag. Cold shoulder and pink have made a big splash this year. The loose fit and tie dye create a casual comfortable vibe! (also makes a great cover-up for the beach).

Wander tie dye cold shoulder dress (pink) $55


For professional reasons, you might need to keep things somewhat simple. The above top is indeed simple, however, with a different twist, vertical variegated stripes.

Soya concept t style vertical stripe top (off white) $59

If your intention and attention don't come together, that's ok...just get dressed, be yourself and wear what you love don't let it wear you!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

Plum's online store is open around the clock. But for personal service..head into a location near you. Staff will gladly help you find your focus!

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Attention-Getting Jewellery


What does your jewellery say about you?  When the right piece inspires the outfit, you base your whole look around one statement piece; or you add those finishing touches to pull the outfit together. Because jewellery is the show pieces of your outfit, the pieces you choose and how you wear them are an expression of your personal style.

Jewellery attracts attention because it creates focal points on your outfit. People’s eyes gravitate to the sparkle and then the piece speaks to your personal style. For example, we can tell that a woman is classic and feminine by her string of pearls or her rhinestone necklace. Or, we might find her bold and creative because of her colourful statement necklace or stacks of bracelets. When she wears her sterling silver jewellery with the semi-precious stones, we see her side that is earthy and elegant. By selecting the jewellery for your outfits, you are choosing what people will notice.

How you wear your jewels adds as much of your personal style as the pieces you choose. Because jewellery is less of an investment than clothing, we can afford to experiment with new styles or ways of wearing them. Even a casual tee and your distressed denim are worthy of being dressed up with a rhinestone necklace. If the audience changes, remember the risk is low. Take the piece off and slip it into your purse. 

Express your style with jewellery--it’s more than an afterthought.


From now until December 24th, buy one piece of jewellery and get the second piece (of equal or lesser value) for 50% off!

Also Mavi printed jeans for 50% off! 

More details on the styles here.


When you want to keep your jewellery understated, add these fine and delicate pieces. Charm necklaces, studs, skinny bracelets and rings are feminine finishing touches.



Make a statement with these bold and colouful jewels. These are the definition of a conversation starter. All you need is a simple backdrop to create a stunning look.



Experiment by layering your necklaces and stacking your bracelets and rings. Don't be afraid to mix and match.  The way you coordinate different pieces together also expresses your personal style.


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