Using the Rules of Proportion: Necklaces and Belts



Belts and necklaces are wonder accessories. Not only do they tailor, polish, accent an outfit, but they also create focal points to draw the eye. Using them skillfully can help highlight and balance your proportions. 


When you are adding these finishing touches to your look, adjust a long necklace so that the point of interest meets a balance point.  Not only will someone’s eye be drawn to the details, but it will also imply a vertical line on your torso and create length. On the other hand, a short necklace will keep the eye around the neckline.


Place a belt where it makes more sense for your proportions.  For instance, if you have a long waist with shorter legs, you may want to create balance by wearing your belt at the balance point closest to your natural waistline. The belt creates a horizontal line dividing your body in two, and placing a belt higher on your body will elongate your bottom half to create more balance.  If you have a short torso, wear your belt so that it meets a balance point further down on your hip.

By understanding your body’s proportions, you can effectively create focal points where your proportions will balance. In the end, your outfit will look more harmonious.

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