Plum's fun little survey has some surprising results!

We wanted to have a little fun with a survey since our customers love to tell us about themselves and love a chance to win a pair of Yoga Jeans. BTW: if your first name is Alicia and you live in Calgary you might have won a pair of Yoga Jeans - you probably know by now.

Everyone knows Yoga is popular but it might be surprising that 37% of Plum customers do Yoga on a regular basis!  26% meditate as well.  Calgary women are more likely to volunteer and Vancouver women are more likely to put new soles on their shoes rather than throw them out!  It may not be surprising to our customers but Kelowna has twice as many vegetarians as Calgary.
But maybe all you Yoga practitioners can help someone who isn't quite there yet?  24% of our customers intend on doing Yoga but just have not managed to start yet.  
Why not post a few words of encouragement on why Yoga is so important for you ... who knows ... it might be enough to get them started!
Here are the results from our survey questions:
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