Once upon a time...

"I don't like princesses!!" my 9 year old daughter proclaimed to her very generous Aunt who offered her a princess-type gift. Aside from the pre-programmed maternal feelings of mortification, there also drifted away some of my 'Mommy' dreams of dresses and clean, neat hair! Perhaps you're not the majestic type either; not into multiple layers of adornment and perfectly coifed hair. Either end of the spectrum is clearly fine, just know yourself...be yourself and boldly go with that!


Go with something simple and by all means, abandon the high heels if need be. If you prefer uncomplicated, no reason this would not fit. A slight a-line shape, a naively bold, floral print with pockets. A simple, somewhat retro dress, yet the border adds a modern touch.

Simone shift dress with black trim (coral or teal) $129


It really can't get less complicated than one piece. Made with tencel, this jumpsuit, is fun, easy and great for weekend getaways or even day to night activities. Slip on some strappy sandals, try it with a long sweeping open front cardigan or a shawl.

Ellison tencel jumpsuit (light blue) $95


On the other hand, if you do find yourself more at the romantic end of the spectrum, you can stop here. ACAPELLA make some lovely blouses, this one with such a feminine, floral design.

Acapella oversize cap sleeve blouse (3 prints) $59


Romance is definitely not dead when you don this gorgeous dress. More engaging florals, a cotton fabrication with a hint of stretch, and fully lined make this dress perfect for wedding season. You'll be breath taking.

Simone floral empire waist dress (ivory/pink or silver/multi) $175

I'm afraid, like my daughter, I've never really believed in fairy tales, prince charming or knights in shining armour. However, I do believe fashion allows us to take us to another place or boldly be ourselves and express it with colour and style...And anyway, 'Cinderella never asked for a prince, only a night off and a dress' -Kiera Cass.

....and we all lived fashionably ever after!

Suzanne M.


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