Linen reigns supreme

Linen is a fabric that, in ancient times, would have been worn by the wealthier class of society.  In fact, it was a very important source of trade and commerce.  Which might explain why we're all drawn to it. Of it's many beautiful qualities, durability and breathability insure it's a staple of the season. Plum has, once again, produced some jackets with simply exquisite fits. Lets look at these linen beauties, and what can be paired with them.


Above the beautiful front cover jacket in white. Put together with a black skirt and simple clutch. Linen's usual hue's are ivory, ecru and natural shades, however, this crisp white is such a great, light departure from the usual.

Tobias 100% linen jacket (mustard, black and white)$179

Tobias front flap skirt with buttons (black or off white) $88


Despite it's noble past, linen marries so well with nearly all coordinates.  Dress it up, or dress it down, it can easily replace a simple cardigan so beautifully without appearing too formal.


In keeping with the same, casual, cool vibe, the above tank is a wonderful, lightweight option if you choose to go the informal route. If you feel so inclined to remove your jacket, the back detail does not disappoint.

Kersh flower tank (warm white) $48


This sweet little, feminine dress combined with the linen jacket in mustard is such an airy, easy look. (Simone dresses always abundant in detailing and fit). Change the sandals to sling backs or heels and this look is great for school, the office or a Saturday brunch date.

Simone open back dress (ivory or navy print) $120

Despite Linen's regal history, it invariably provides for as many options as outfits you choose to create. Nefertiti would be envious!

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Suzanne M.

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In Love with Linen


It is a lucky lady indeed who is able to totally reinvent her wardrobe every time the seasons change. It’s simply not realistic for most of us. 

Recently graduated student here. Apart from my new degree, my university experience has given me the ability to stretch a dollar. Sometimes I stretch it really, really far. There have been times when I've had to get pretty creative to give my wardrobe a much-needed shot of life after a long Vancouver winter. But the process doesn't have to be painful.

I like to invest in quality pieces that are versatile, and then switch them up with fun and inexpensive accessories, like jewellery and scarves.

Take the Tobias linen jacket (in stores now, I’ve seen it, love it, must...have...). Linen is perfect for the spring and summer because it travels well, still looks great with a few wrinkles, and pairs beautiful with dresses and skirts.

The best part? You don’t need to spend a lot of time thinking about how you’ll wear it. You can just slip it on over jeans and a t-shirt, like you see in the photo below, or over a sundress, a maxi dress, a pleated skirt, coloured denim, a navy pencil skirt...ok, I'm getting carried away. But you get my point. Versatility is the name of the game here.


Linen boyfriend jacket in Sand (pictured here), Purple, and Steel, $165


Our stylist took a simple look, just a jacket over jeans and a tee, and made it more unique by adding an armful of bangles. Imagine this is Monday's look. You could give this outfit a totally different feel altogether by adding a brightly coloured scarf for a pop of colour and a leather belt around your hips. Then it's easy to wear it again later in the week if you're in a rush and need a go-to outfit.




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You can find the entry survey here:


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