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My First Dress

March 12, 2014

I love how dresses and springtime go hand-in-hand! When I put on my first spring dress, I feel uplifted by the colour, print and style, let alone the sensational feeling of bare legs! We can start to have some fun with our wardrobes again because each dress seems to have a character of it's o...

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3 Smart Buys for Going South

March 5, 2014

Start counting down the days! Spring break is nearly here. Whether you’re flying to exciting Disneyland or escaping to tropical Hawaii, here are three smart buys for your suitcase:   The Simone printed maxi dress is perfect for when you’re lounging at the beach--just toss it on o...

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Simone Printed Dresses

December 17, 2013

When shopping for fashion with prints, style experts say you should think of three different ways of wearing it before you make the purchase. Just like your little black dress, the printed dress provides endless outfit options and the colours in the pattern can make us look more vibrant. Try a pa...

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Impress with a Dress

November 6, 2013

  How many women wear dresses where you work? I bet you can name them right away. Dresses make an immediate impression. When you wear a dress, it looks like you put a ton of effort into your outfit but it really doesn’t take much at all. We feel pulled-together and polished right away...

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Dresses That Fit

October 17, 2012

Tunic Dress in Red (pictured) and Purple, $89 At Plum, you know we take the fit of our garments seriously very seriously. Our designer works one-on-one with a size 8 fit model to craft designs that fit. For more information, you can watch our design process by clicking this link. We...

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A Woman in Red

September 12, 2012

  Wrap front dress, in red and black, $129 As the seasons change, its important to select a few truly versatile pieces that will help ease you through the transition. Enter the little red dress. I know it's hard to think of it this way at first, but red truly is the new neutral...

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Simone dresses now in stores!

August 2, 2011

Jersey Knit Simone Dress with Swing Skirt $110 Famous for their consistent fits and original designs, Simone dresses are a seasonal favourite amongst women.  We're so excited about the new Simone dress collection, and especially happy to report that they've started arriving in Plu...

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May 13, 2011

  images from and  ...

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Dresses are like boyfriends ...

March 30, 2011

We had a lot of fun coming up with this line!  First there was, "Dresses are like boyfriends ... if they are cheap they won't last the season" or " ... they have to make you look good yet give you the freedom to move "  or ... they have to fit yo...

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