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Get out of here!!

December 14, 2016

Planning to 'get out of here', leave, go south or to a resort? If so, that's fantastic and aren't you the lucky one! Unless you live in Calgary or have experience with driving snow plows, these conditions for us here in the far west are a challenge and who wouldn't want to escape...

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Escaping the cold

December 3, 2014

Admit it. All this cold weather has you dreaming of being someplace else, less 'below zero' perhaps? Well, maybe it's not all bad, after all, they're only single digit negative numbers. Or, maybe you don't have to 'dream', maybe you are planning to head to an ex...

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Plum's New Going South Collection

December 11, 2013

Going south this winter? Get ready to bare your skin for the warmer weather with some early spring arrivals--Plum’s new Going South collection is now in stores. For your mid-winter escape, the styles make packing a breeze. Designed to mix and match, this new collection is tightly edited so ...

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