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Melange Yarn Sweater in Orange/Ade (pictured) and Purple/Rain, $79

There are few things in life that can top the feeling of bundling up in a cosy sweater on a cool day.      And lucky for us, sweaters are one of those magical articles of clothing that can be both practical      (read: warm) and stylish.

A sweater is a great way to pull the individual articles of your outfit together. Pair it with slim-leg pants and top it with a scarf for an easy ensemble that always looks put-together.

These sweaters (below) are both great examples of what to look for this fall. Rich patterns and textures create depth and interest in your look, the same effect that is achieved through layering multiple articles, in one easy step.

Image Image

Pointelle Cardigan, $78, and Jacquard sweater, $68.



Striped sweater, $95. Acrylic scarf, $25

(Psst. This scarf comes in Blue, Grey, Mustard, Pumpkin, and Red. I bought the red straight out of the packaging and can attest that it is now my #1 favourite outfit completer.)


Warm up to the carefully selected collection of sweaters at Plum this season! To ensure that you have the best selection, our buyer chooses a range of unique and well-made sweaters to suit every style and every budget. To keep our selection complete, we look to exceptional outside vendors to fill in the gaps of what we cannot produce ourselves. 

Pullovers! Turtlenecks! Cardigans! What is your favourite style to rock through the fall and winter?


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