Advantage Rule

In soccer 'advantage rule' is a rule that directs the referee to refrain from stopping play for a foul  if a stoppage would benefit the team that committed the violation. However, in shopping terms, it means....simply, I have the advantage because I got this at a really great price!

Consider shopping a sale is a 'bit' like a game. Arrive on time, seek out your ultimate goal (find your favorite items at a great price), size up your opponant (the person checking out said item), and hope she puts it back; grab item and make it to the cash before someone else sees it. Score! (I meant goal). Personally, I always feel like I 'won' something when I find something unexpected at a great price.


A great find: This gorgeous knot wrap top $ 18.Image



And of course, we can always use a new cardigan.  Look for Kersh cardigans at $ 39



Wrap up the search with a great scarf infinity or not. All at $ 12.


Don't forget all the drool worthy jewelry, will be 25% off original price.


This is just a preview, a few things to get you warmed up for the race. Don't forget the real acronym for FIFA...Fashionista Identifies Favorite Adornments! (goal!).

Don't sit on the sidelines. Plum's biggest sale of the season begins Thursday for four days only. You know what they say, you snooze you loose. This is our biggest sale event. Don't loose out!

Yours in Fashion Obsession

Suzanne M


Other soccer terms:

Beat: to get the ball through or around an opponent by dribbling or shooting

Far Post: The goal post farthest from the ball

Flick Header: A players use of his head to deflect the ball

NASL: North American Soccer League

You're welcome! Enjoy your time with your boyfriend watching Soccer! Now you can pretend you know 'something'! (or perhaps you know more than him).


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