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Arguably, December hosts the most parties and festivities of all the months. So many that it feels like sleeping in my festive attire is the most efficient, time saving option. But my 20's are long gone so not only do I change, I also go home! I've come so far! There are so many types of events, daytime, work/party, family, charity, means that we might struggle to find 'one' garment to suit all. Although, with a few tweaks (not twerks), it might be possible. The voice in my head says 'One sparkly, festive outfit? Really?' Sounds like something I say to my children... 'you may only have one'! But perhaps because we're grown ups, we 'can' have more than one!
Most often associated with wealth and luxury, velvet is an often chosen textile for garments at this magical time of year.  Thought to have been first produced thousands of years ago, this unmistakably, richly woven pile is thankfully within reach of all of us now, unlike hundreds of years ago when it would have been most likely produced for only nobility. I think we do feel somewhat like aristocracy when we wear it. Either of these great dresses are proving to be quite popular because of the marriage between, texture, design and fit.
Another often chosen fabric choice at this time is lace. It's specific origins appear to be disputable, but it did have some of it's beginnings with the church, clergy and then hundreds of years later, Queen Victoria was married in lace, thus instituting an unstoppable trend. Hundreds of years ago, the delicate ornamental web-like patterns were made using silk, linen and even gold threads. Needless to say it represents a certain elevation of style. This dress is simply a classic!
Accessories, of course, at this time play a huge part in assembling an outfit. Kimonos can count as an accessory or, worn in spring as outerwear. No matter how you look at it, Kimonos have evolved into a staple. Add to this the refreshing, yet elegant look of silver and you've created an image that's stylish, but also can be easily changed to daytime casual with one simple coordinate change.
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This little top, offers a lot of pizzazz and fashion forwardness! (is that a word? It is now). The Wall Street Journal stated that 9 out of 10 companies hosted a holiday party in 2012. Over 25% were held in the office. Which means, you may not have time to change...a lot. Thus, wearing something that can easily convert from work to wow, is probably as easy as pulling up your hair and adding some more engaging accessories.
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Another option, above this very soft, comfortable knit top, when worn off the shoulder, paired with these, edgy, coated, leather look pants, clearly provides a more sexy, downtown look. OR, wear it with a wide belt and a skirt or palazzo pants and a necklace. And for daytime or any time, covering the shoulders and pair with jeans and a blazer.
Untangling strings of lights that no longer work, getting a drive home from your boss from the office party, and visits from crazy relatives that you haven't seen all year......yes, that's the Christmas season....oh and eggnog...let's not forget the twelve days of eggnog!!!
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The office Christmas party...when you get to hang out with the inebriated equivelent of Wikileaks! (just don't let that be you)!
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