Not a day goes by that a new problem doesn't present itself, would you agree? One issue one crops up.  Fashion and style, need not be one of them. It should be fresh, thrilling and create living in Vancouver does ;) Inspiring creativity, and ease...that's also Plum. Lets take a peak at some ensembles that create a feeling of uncomplicated fun.


Is it cruel to post photos of shorts while the rest of the country is still digging out of mounds of snow? I digress.  In any case, who says shorts should only be worn with t shirts...the above photo proves otherwise. The sleeveless blouse works as a nice balance against the rugged nature of the shorts; yet can also easily compliment a skirt or trousers. Very versatile wardrobe addition.

Plum double layer tank (champagne, coral or fuchsia) $69


Another fresh, easy outfit that requires very little effort. Add or subtract accessories or sweaters/shawls as needed, however, comfort and style fully come together here. Ultimately you've made a great investment when what you've chosen will work in various ways, such is the case with this top.

THML embroidered blouse (black or white) $75


You really don't need to know about everyone else's personal style, just your own! And if dresses are part of that style, this one will rarely see the inside of your closet. Simple stripes, with an unexpected crest type embroidery. Again, add accessories or not, such an easy choice.

THML stripe embroidered tank dress (black/white or blue/white) $89


These pants are 'dare I say' and create a lighthearted look. Again, another very functional wardrobe addition. Change the self belt to one of your own  or wear with a longer style t shirt and add a belt.  Espadrilles, gladiators or as above, beautiful leather flats, make it complete.

THML drapy pant (black) $75

Ultimately, fashion can be a real elixir to life's challenges in a small way and just remember...'happy girls are the prettiest' Audrey Hepburn

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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