What's in a name....

'What's in a name' said William Shakespeare...is this a coat or a jacket...'that is the question'! (ok maybe not the coat/jacket part). Upon feasting my eyes on this, my first thought...'it's a jacket'. However after deliberating, and a quick poll..I discovered...it really depends. Is the deciding factor the fabric content, the length or something else entirely? What you call it and how you wear it are they related? If you call this a coat, you'll wear it over your outfit, if you call it a jacket it's potentially 'part' of the outfit. Looking for ways to expand your wardrobe...consider using your outerwear as part of the ensemble. Think outside the box (or outside the coat).



The drape front collar is such a chic trend. Lending a great air of elegance and creativity to a garment. This coat was a huge hit in the office when everyone spotted the first cut! Generous pockets, crepe texture and a wonderful little gathering in the back for definition. And then of course, there's the yummy, warm, neutral colour, easy to infuse into any outfit. This is a must have piece; perfect for many different seasons.

Tobias draped front trench coat Rayon/nylon blend (caramel or black) $210


Blazers are a staple of our wardrobes now. They've gone from the office to the weekend so seamlessly...worn with jeans, skirts, dresses...no limits...and great for layering. If it's needed as outerwear, underneath add a lightweight cardigan and a scarf if the temperature drops.

Tobias linen jacket (caramel, khaki or natural) $185


Perhaps you prefer the classic Inspector Clouseau style trench (with a bit more sex appeal of course)! Button down, tie front, cotton/spandex blend. Worn as outerwear, over a cardigan, a jean jacket or a blazer...a great lightweight layer to peel off when the sun beams down.

Press trench style coat (khaki wash, lilac grey wash) $125

You're dying to know what the poll results were aren't you? Well I'm going to tell you anyway...it was a landslide, the majority of the voters in my miniscule poll voted for COAT. Call it what you will, but the main thing is...wear it your way!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

ps...worn by you, it becomes a style!






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