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A Spill to Remember

September 3, 2012

Julie, a loyal Plum customer, purchased our beautiful retro style white dress for a wedding she attended in early August. The dress fit her to perfection, and her husband took a picture of a glowing Julie before the ceremony. I spoke to Julie about what happened next, and it wasn't a hap...

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a letter of thanks

July 15, 2011

Sometimes we receive a letter from a customer that is so wonderful, we just have to share!  Colleen made our day with her Plum story, we're so thankful she took the time to write us. Enjoy :)  ...

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What's up with the Plum bags?

March 15, 2011

Dear Plum, My wife shops at your stores frequently, says its about the only place she can get the kind of jeans she likes; I say, fine, but when are you going to acknowledge the environment and do something about your bags? Each time she shops at Plum we gain another plasticky bag with heavy string...

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