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Indulge me while I talk about Kimonos....again. Some things are just worth repeating. Like a great vacation spot, a fabulous selfie (ask Kim K), a great kiss or another piece of cake! Kimonos...they're simply one of the best garments of the moment and the buyer seems to have her finger on the fashion pulse (Plum just received some new styles)! Speaking of pulses...some days, I can barely find mine with four cups of coffee and a shower...therefore, the simpler the better. And Kimonos give you a chance to just grab and go, like the breakfast bar of your wardrobe...and still look like two millions bucks (inflation).


Time to explore your inner Hippie-boho-festival-gaia...or cool chick..whichever emerges! I love this one for it's sheer simplicity, yet at the same time, enough pattern to amuse and create interest and facilitates coordination without much challenge.

Kimono (border print in beige or grey) $59


If I haven't mentioned this already, one great reason to adore the Kimono is, most are one-sized, therefore making it, all about finding a pattern/colour you like, as apposed to fit...easy peasy, go ahead and eat those cheesies. SO the opposite issue to buying a bathing suit *big sigh*. I'd previously stated many times, how great black and white is for the sake of co-ordination, and the above offers the same.  And if you're inclined to like a more complex look, why not belt it!

Kimono with front panel (black multi) $49


This blue kimono is just a breath of fresh air. So light, so exquisitely embroidered with tiny embellishments to catch the light. Fabulous as above with shorts or in keeping with the blue, vintage fringe edge jeans. Convert your look from a weekend, errand-running put together... to a casual dinner/drinks with friends occasion, with a simple change into heels, hair pulled up and some vintage look earrings.

Kimono - flower embroidered (blue) $79


Can you picture yourself wearing this, strolling through your vineyard, leisurely harvesting luscious grapes? (It's ok to have fantasies that don't include chocolate)...The minute I see someone wearing yellow, it immediately evokes unrecognizable feelings of calm(lol). The bright yellow print is a great colour to explore as it has so many hue's it will perform well with.

Kimono -  floral (mustard print) $49



This gorgeous kimono is awash with blossoms. To try... tie it in the front for something different. Pair with these light mustard linen pants, which also comes in a few more seasonal pigments. Maybe take the self belt, wear it as a hair band and put a chain belt through the loops instead. Don't have one? Use a long, strong link necklace. Fun to experiment!

Kimono - long floral (yellow or black) $79

Catwalk gathered waist with tie pant (beige, mustard or pink) $92


Note the shorter length. Great for pairing with shorts, or a wide leg palazzo pant. Also, I could see this moving into early fall, stretching your wardrobe a bit into multiple seasons.

Kimono - floral (black) $59

If something is repeated, does it make a more profound impression, become more meaningful or important? Certainly not to my children! That being said, sometimes we need to say things to ourselves repeatedly for them to sink repeat after me...'I deserve a new kimono....and that second piece of cake'!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again, and bring their friends"~ Walt Disney


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