A Program Tailored for Plum



Remember when I said we took notes? Well, we did a little more than that. We developed a unique training program tailored to Plum with the help of Katherine Lazaruk of ICU Image Consulting. The program focuses on 3 aspects of styling: Colour, Body Analysis, and Personality, and we have already done the first two training modules.


In today’s fast and cheap fashion world, there is a plethora of styles, patterns, cuts, fits and trends. Advanced knowledge about fashion is falling to the wayside, and as a fashion lover, I know I am sick of the confusion of too many options, unsatisfactory impulse purchases and a bulging closet of sub-standard clothing, and we hope to change that.

By implementing better training in styling, we strive to know the answers as to why something works or doesn’t work on your body, and be able to tell you so or point out what would make the difference. We at Plum are aiming to put the right clothes on the right people, and let’s have some fun while we are at it!

Stay tuned for more details on this exciting development!   


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