Big Sisters Big Support

Raise your hand if you have a big sister. I don't have enough hands, because I'm blessed with 3 big sisters. Yes you can count your best friend who you feel is like a big sister. But maybe you don't have a big sister and always wished you had one. Someone to always confide in, bounce things off of and look up to. Someone who will support but not criticize you, no matter how silly you feel your ideas might be.

Some young girls are less fortunate, their parents (or parent), are stretched to the limit. Not enough time or resources to provide all of this. Here's your opportunity to help a little sister get her big sister. During the month of May Plum collects donations by asking our customers to contribute $2 to help match 2 little Sisters with their big sisters. From now until June 1, 2014, Plum will be matching donations up to $25, and, you get a chance to win a $350 Plum Gift Certificate! 

These big sisters play such an important role in the lives of these growing young girls. By providing much needed support and encouragement  which in turn can boost a young girls growing self esteem. With healthy self esteem, we know so much can be accomplished. 




We also encourage you to attend the Big Sisters Spring Lunch:


Cathy Jones Big Sister Lunch – May 29th




Please join us on May 29th at the 18th Annual Big Sisters Spring Lunch! Featuring keynote speaker Cathy Jones (This Hour Has 22 Minutes) and emceed by CTV's Keri Adams, this celebration of mentoring raises much needed funds to support the agency’s three mentoring programs. Together let’s share a laugh and change a life!

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