Luck of the 'I wish'!

Now is the time to stock up on leggings. $7 off each pair you purchase, when you purchase 2 or more! (in store only) September 27-30
Luck can be good OR me crazy but I prefer good! And does that positivity automatically make one, lucky? According to some studies, luck can be skewed in your favour based on your month of birth or easy to pronounce last name (That leaves me out)! And did you know, the European Research Council gave a biochemist 1.7 million dollars to study serendipity in science? That's possibly some fabulous luck right there! I'm usually just happy if my fitted sheets stay on my bed after a hard nights sleep! Possibly I should wish bigger? But starting from the bottom up, let's look at some ways to co-ordinate your lucky leggings.
Leggings! Sort of the pop tart of the wardrobe. They're comfortable, look nice and easy to grab and go.  A super simple pulled together look for the cooler evenings that approach, is the hooded pullover, together with the patterned leggings, adds a little bit of something different to the usual grab and go of jeans.
While we are more compelled to save our leggings for working out, doing yard work or snoozing; with a few slight additions they can be camouflaged into a bit more of an upscale look. These two prints can work so well. Similar lined patterns that produce a creative yet symmetrical look. The kimono has a bit more colour to draw in other accessories such as jewellery or even an infinity scarf.  Worn with a long t shirt or turtleneck and belted and knee high boots, distracts from the casual vibe of the leggings.
While, the mixed prints trend has been around for a few years, it remains one of my favourites to play with. Recently I received a compliment from 'the boss' for marrying a plaid jacket with a rose scarf. If that's not luck I'm not sure what is! It worked by (as above) pulling in one common colour, and two diametrically apposing patterns.
Leggings are great as a bottom coordinate, as a fashion extra or under something for added warmth. And on that note, I'm cold just looking at her bare, lovely legs. I wear them under dresses, maxi and dress/tunic length all season long. And I find it maximizes my wardrobe choices when I cycle as I don't have to be concerned with over exposure, nor am I limited to pants only.
If we spend lives wishing and not doing then we possibly enjoy a life of dreaming and not enjoying the experiences that go along with the trying. Because in the experience of try and fail we often uncover something unexpected. A lucky discovery that we didn't know we wished for.
Yours in Fashion passion...
Suzanne M.
A good word never broke a tooth~ Irish proverb
I posted only a segment of what is in store, merely a few ideas of what can work with what, to possibly spark some ideas. The in store staff are absolutely wonderful and inspiring at being able to create looks that work.
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