DREAMERS UNITE....WE HAVE THE SWEATER for you~~~lush, dreamy and on special~~~ until Monday Sept 3 ~ eight colours ~ $ 59 ~ instore and webstore

We likely all have 'something' we like to cover old scar from your 20's, best not talked about because, you know...that was an 'experimental' period! ;) Or maybe the first marriage...perhaps you won't talk about that, you were young, it was the 80's, enough said.  How about grey hair? Actually times are trending more towards people proudly letting it grow and show, instead of investing in root cover up products. What a relief.  I love it when fashion trends follow our unique or natural qualities. But what goes with this pigment challenged hair colour? Come with me...let's have a look.


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This weeks featured sweater is back by popular demand in eight colours. Whether you have grey hair, blonde...or follically challenged...there is bound to be a colour to suit your complexion or hair colour. This will definitely be a go to sweater for the season. Get it while it's on special and colours are still available. (scarf sold separately)

Dreamers V NECK sweater in 8 colours (black, olive, denim, heather coral, heather grey, heather plum, mocha and raisin) - was $69 UNTIL MONDAY $59


The rules of dress and colour typically state that grey hair is better with bold jewel tones. However, we're not talking city bylaws here, we're talking fashion if you are compelled by muted tones go for it. After all, some of THE BEST things come from rule breakers! But this is a fabulous little knit dress with stretch lining! Break the rules with desert!

Kaffe dress (sundried tomato) $99


And yet another rich hue to try is this t shirt above, especially if you tend to be drawn to the blues or greens. Note it's ubiquitous cut which allows it to compliment nearly all your coordinates.

B Young melange cap sleeve t shirt (black, burgundy or green) $32

WORN WITH...Soya concept glen plaid skirt (burgundy/off white) $75



The other way is to literally indulge in the colour completely which helps accentuate it. Above are four diverse options, depending of course on the occasion. The dress draws out some other beautiful tones and neutrals as well, the coat adds coverage but with a bit of style...over jeans, dresses or skirts...wear it open or use the wrap belt. Add a bold scarf or bold lipstick if you wish to break it up.

Cream printed knit dress (forest multi) $109

Cream maxi coat (grey melange) $169

Motion multi yarn sweater (black/grey) $86

Maronie camo drop shoulder sweatshirt (grey camouflage) $55

Lately I've seen many who are totally rockin' their natural pigment free manes of various ages! Although, grey, white or silver hair stems from our eventual lack of ability to generate melanin which are contained in pigment cells....OR our lack of ability to tolerate nonsense or general buffoonery! (a natural childish quality). I must still have some tolerance left in me, as I don't seem to have sprouted much...sadly!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

"Grey hair is a blessing...ask any bald man" ~


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