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Burnout T's BOGO is selling fast at Plum!


Why are they called Burnout T’s?  

Burnout is the process of removing or "burning out" fibers in a fabric in a specific pattern, leaving others intact.

The burnout effect gives the fabric a semi sheer lacy look which results in a tee shirt that is very soft and light. The tee's are then over printed with beautiful florals, artful watercolour or baroque motifs to name a few... Plum has an incredible selection of prints all of which are exclusive to us.




Wear them with jeans and a knock-out boy-friend jacket. Many of our customers have come in and bought four because the 9 prints are exclusive to Plum. For a short time only we are offering a BOGO (Buy One Get One) at $42 each until March 20.

How do they do it? It is a process of removing fiber in the garment. They produce a pattern on a fabric by printing with a substance that will destroy one or more of the fibers present, but not the others. Fiber Etch is used to eat cellulose fibers and works well on rayon/silk, hemp/silk and other blends of cellulose protein fabrics.

Plum's BOGO deal on plum.ca.  ... read the full post and reader comments

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