It feels wonderful to be 35!

When we opened in May of 1981 we had one small store at 4th Avenue and Alma. It was a different time.  So different in fact I brought my dog to work. She would greet customers with a dog smile and a wag. There weren’t computers or smart phones or even a fax machine!  My first cell phone weighed almost two pounds!

I shudder remembering the bulky shoulder pads of the 80’s and my all time least favourite styles … Grunge. Besides juggling a new family, a mortgage and sleepless nights, I had to meet with suppliers in Montreal worrying about what the heck I would buy for the Grunge trend of all things!

The industry has changed dramatically over the decades.  We have evolved from a time when choosing the right styled clothing was important and comparatively expensive to clothing as a commodity; inexpensive and disposable.  Trends have come and gone but my husband Ed and I have always stayed focused on quality and style.  We are proud to think that our staff has always treated our customers as individuals and that they are motivated to find what is right for each person using their knowledge and experience. 

So to the thousands and thousands of customers we have had over the past thirty-five years … thanks for the memories.

Katie O’Brien & Ed Des Roches

ps: Speaking of long relationships we want to remind you that we are celebrating our birthday with a Big Sisters prize draw. A $ 3.50 donation made in one of our stores, will get you a draw entry (Plum also matches every donation up to $35). Winner receives a $ 1000 wardrobe from Plum. Check in one of our Plum locations for more details.

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