Sheer Joy



What captures your attention? Something bright or red, something sparkling or multi-coloured? How about the sheer, living room drapes? They tend to blend in, right? But on you, sheer need not blend, nor do you need to fear it. The beauty of this is that it can blend if you want, or serve as contrast for something else like a fabulous hat, a funky newsboy cap; a stunning scarf? Maybe both? Or perhaps an interesting pattern underneath, a stripe? or... just your saucy little bra! (I dare you). Be a trend setter, put something on that makes others go "Hmm... I wonder if I could pull that off"! It's a wonderful, show your shape, sheer, yet not too revealing, comfortable (gasp, I used the c word), staple. It’s an item that can show off your personality. 




You can also try a belt that sits just below the waist, or an elastic waist belt, fabulous bright red pumps, cuffed, distressed jeans (or for a more serious/more understated event where drawing attention would be a negative, like lunch with the mother-in-law, do capri's with flats. Maybe borrow the vest from your boyfriend (remember that bra I mentioned earlier? the vest helps if you're a bit shy!). Different day, different you.






This delightfully sheer bohemian print blouse sports an uber feminine, flounce cascading below the bodice. An effusively feminine print, that easily plays against any basic funky, lived in denim, basic skirt or even shorts. Like a multitude of pieces all in one!  Since it’s sleeveless, a shawl or one of our Kersh cardigans would work wonders on a warm summer night. Pluck any color from within and add a subtle, yet sleek, necklace (choose a shoe that suits the day) and you’re good to go. (available in fuchsia and aqua prints)
Be brave and try something sheer, add one funky, unexpected item and have the courage to be fabulous! Yes, that's what I said! Don’t let light colors (or lack of) steer you away from being your stunning self... because you know you are (stop pretending you're not)!
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