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There has been a lot going on at Plum this past month! As you might know, each May is Big Sisters month. We campaign to raise money and awareness for Big Sisters by asking customers for a $2 donation. In turn, we match each and every donation we receive up to $25. Our fabulous customers (that's you!) raised nearly $2500 for a very worthwhile organization. Plum DOUBLES this contribution so that we can pay the cost of matching up two girls with a Big Sister each.

Donations from the Calgary and Kelowna locations will go to their respective local Big Sisters locations. 

And since we figured we may as well have a little fun while we fundraised, we also entered everyone who contributed to the effort into a draw to win a $350 gift certificate! Congratulations to Denise, our lucky winner!


We love supporting Big Sisters because it's a cause that is very dear to our hearts. But this campaign got us wondering about causes that were important to our customers as well. So we conducted a survey to find out, with the incentive of $200 cash to one randomly-selected winner at the end. Véronique scooped up that prize. Congrats!!

Thank you so much to everyone who either made a donation at Plum or took the time to fill out our survey (if you did both then you might just be my new best friend). The survey yielded some very interesting results, and there were a few comments that kept coming up again and again that I'd like to share.


Here are some samples of the responses we got:

We said: Company decision makers feel they have a responsibility to 'give back' to the community in the form of corporate sponsorship and financial support for non-profits.

You said: 87.13% of respondants either agreed or stronly agreed.

We asked: How should a company tell customers that they support non-profits?

The responses we got for this one were quite divided, but 52% said it should be mentioned at the bottom of all advertising. 

Once again, thank you to everyone who filled out our survey. It almost broke my eyeballs, but I read every single response and they were very enlightening. 

And now enough with the serious stuff. Come and read my new blog post! You can find it here:

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