"As it turns out, we don't know anything about boyfriends, but we do know dresses!"

We were trying to be playful but it seems that one or two people took offense to boyfriends going to sisters like discarded dresses.  Who knew?

 (Our email said, "Dresses are like boyfriends ... if you don't love them they end up going to your sister.") 

 But we are expert in our dress designs ... and it just might be in our genetics.  Here is a fun photo of Great Grandma Tobias (you may recognize the name of our "Tobias" line).  The picture is of the great grandmother of our daughter Simone (which is the name of our dress line).

 We thought you might enjoy the lovely dress she seems so proud to wear. 

As nearly as we can calculate this picture was taken in Saint John NB in 1920. She was born in Lebanon in 1900. 

Great Grandmother Sittee Tobias

Great Grandmother Sittee Tobias

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