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Bah Humbug: There are many fascinating possible origins of this utterance...BUH, is just an expletive, Humbug means 'fraud' or 'imposter'. However, put together they are typically associated with Charles Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'. Personally it means, 'meh', Christmas...too much fuss! Which makes me a true 'Humbug' as, contrary to my usual ways, I've already purchased some Christmas gifts, bought Christmas cards (yes I'm that old, I still do that), and am planning my outfits. After all, the season provides an excuse to be bright, look festive and have fun. Sort of like an open bar at a wedding, it's there, why not enjoy it. So, whether you celebrate this season or not, take in some of the joy, let it rub off on you, let your sparkle show (unless it's undies-no one needs to see those).
Sometimes, to up the fun of the season, it just means add something different...bolder. And by bold, I don't mean, red or glitter. This gorgeous sweater stands out, merely because of it's beguiling texture! Soft as a kittens arm pits! And hats add a lot of punctuating style to an outfit.
My ongoing love affair with the kimono trend continues. It adds a touch of interest to the outfit while also adding a bit of coverage and in this case, with this burnout velvet, the feel of elegance.
The 'Roaring 20's, in fashion, ushered in a tremendous amount of change; hair styles, clothing and attitudes. This dress really brings a 'Great Gatsby' feel. A sort of subtle glamour, with it's beautiful, detailed sequin design and v neck back, with just a bit of stretch. Worn above with the ICHI open jacket, brings it up to the current upcoming 20's.
The season which is upon is, isn't all about sparkle....well, not entirely. It's the smell of pine trees, scented candles and many textures. Velvet is the official seasonal fabric, once and forever. Crushed velvet, it's close cousin, is also in high demand. As a separate, this works as well with jeans, as it does with a skirt or tailored pants and provides a great backdrop for accessories. Also a must for the season.
Sometimes, the best gifts are...a phone call, a hand written card or shovelling someone's driveway. And it's never unseasonal to be good and kind to others, we don't need to reserve that to the last two months of the year.
Yours in sparkle passion...
Suzanne M.
'Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling!' ~ Edna Ferber
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