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How do you establish if your beloved, much worn suit is dated? Sleeves too wide, are there 'Dynasty' quality shoulder pads. Perhaps, simply put, your body has changed over time and your once 'coveted' 'go to' suit now just feels awkward. The jacket itself has a history going back to the middle ages, however, we need not 'look' middle aged in them (even if we are). Plum has established itself as an expert in jackets and suits, well designed and beautifully crafted pieces that go together or work well with others (like you)!



This is 'by far' one of my all time favourite Tobias jackets. An update of one of last years big hits, I would suggest investing in this one. It provides such a beautiful, long lean look and as above looks amazing with the matching pants. However, it also looks great with a shift dress or funky with jeans and an infinity scarf. I had so much fun creating looks with this.

Tobias 2 button long jacket (black, taupe) $249

Tobias slim pants with side zip (black, taupe) $98




Another fabulous Tobias cut. The beauty of this great design is not only the great take on the military, but it's fabrication. Made of a wonderful blend of rayon, nylon, spandex, it has this outstanding style, with the comfort of a quality stretch fabric.

Tobias Military Jacket (black, charcoal) $195




Perhaps you desire something lighter weight. This drape front, 3/4 sleeve, jacket has emerged as a strong style feature which makes a great style replacement for the ubiquitous cardigan. If you're feeling creative, try belting it otherwise, the unstructured, free flowing nature of this jacket is great as is.

Tobias shawl collar unlined jacket (black, wine) $169


Such a funky, fun, weekend look. Or, perhaps your workplace is creative/casual. So easy to put together with the graphic t, the distressed jeans and sexy booties...watch out world! The jacket itself creates such a gorgeous silhouette, with such subtle but distinct features, that only Tobias styles.

Tobias button front shawl collar jacket (black, charcoal) $195

There are so many jacket styles now and Plum always provides something to suit each need. There is no longer a need to choose between looking polished and looking cool and updating your look does not require an entire wardrobe overhaul. Today's workplace may have changed in many ways but Tobias is consistent and steadfast with it's commitment to quality and design. Their designs are limited quantity so never hesitate when you find 'the one'!

Yours in Fashion passion...

Suzanne M.

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new arrivals...the first hint of fall!

Note that Plum's dress and jacket designs are produced in limited quantity, do not miss out on your size or colour by pondering too long.

New arrivals. And no, I do not mean the relatives at the airport with luggage, or your sister's new baby. I mean, fashion, fresh new styles to make your mouth water. Remember the smell of the new Barbie or the new car smell? How excited we get when we purchase new makeup and can't wait to get it home to try it on? Well, the wait is over. Fall fashions are already in the store waiting to bring home. Warm weather aside, there are plenty of things to wear now. But maybe you're like me, and want to be prepared for the weather change.




I adore this blouse...It has an air of vintage with the stunning botanical abundant rose images. I had to show you the back, it's simply stunning. So, light and airy. A great addition to anyone's wardrobe, this  is very transeasonal.

Plum oversize capsleeve blouse with back button (green or blue print) $ 75


A dress that is truly fashion fun. This print is so whimsical, a splatter of black and grey colours allover. Fully lined and features an exposed zip back, curved hem and elbow length sleeves. Totally fresh!

Simone shift dress 3/4 sleeve. (ivory/black or black/ivory) $129


Since it's almost time to put your pants back on.....you know what I mean...since we've been immersed in dresses and shorts all summer! These are an excellent choice. Made of a fabulous rayon combination, they're so incredibly stretchy, feels like you could do a workout in them...(or perhaps just a nice walk)! Zip front, belt loops, ankle length with side insert.

Tobias stretchy pant with contrast side (black or charcoal) $94


A blouse with so much potential. Just a great length for skinny jeans, ankle length pants (like the above Tobias pants), belted or open with cami and an eclectic necklace collection. Loads of creative style potential.

Plum long sleeve shirt (black, off white, royal) $82

Having recently had to grieve the loss of some great pieces of clothing that I felt would compliment my existing wardrobe, because of waiting too long to make a decision, someone else is loving them now...I don't wish the same fate for you, therefore go and check out what's arrived already. This is just a taste of what is already arriving.

And if loving fashion is a crime....I plead guilty!

Yours in Fashion passion...

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Fall into Jeans - Denim Coupon

Welcome back  fall (almost), I've missed you. Time for a coupon, for return to school, end of vacations and time to put your clothes back on. I meant jackets, boots and pants! It's been an exceptional summer, with lovely sundresses, sandals, short shorts and the occasional ALS challenge...burr!!!
So, the season I love the most...autumn has arrived!! Love the jackets, boots and the urge to wear jeans again is emerging!  And long gone are the days when I was a girl where there were only 2 fits, the guys fit, and skinny girl fit....(which I was not).  And Levi's dominated the scene. Now there are more brands than twitter accounts. Plum has some of the best fitting, best looks in denim. This from a certified denim hoarder.
Mavi makes some wonderfully fitting jeans. With some very innovative denim processes and finishes. Love the Alexa skinny jeans (above).  (nope, I'm still not skinny) but I love that I can wear something that says 'skinny' on the tag. Mid rise typically means that you need not feel like you're wearing your 'mom's' jeans, however, comfortable enough so that you're not spending the day pulling up your kids AND your pants. 
The Mavi Molly (above)  have a ubiqitous leg cut. Sophisticated looking,  ideal for pairing with stillettos, and great with boots as they fall just nicely over the width of the boot. The dark finish is a great alternative in many social occasions to black pants. Acceptable in many work environments and worn with a blazer to bring balance to the casual nature of denim.
And of course these super sexy dark skinny (Yoga jeans). I love the rock star influence with the super edgy heel, works well with the zippers.
FEATURED ON OUR EMAIL, the Mavi Jogger are the most amazing jeans I've ever owned. And trust me, I could open my own denim store (ok maybe more of a closet). Made of cotton, eme and elastane, they're like jogging pants in disguise. As they have the perfect denim finish. Don't let the drawstring and elastic waist fool you. While they can endure any and all activities you throw at them, such as you accidentally fall asleep in them, you won't awake feeling like you've been wearing a torture devise. These are very fashionable jeans (comes also in a darker shade). Roll them up for a casual look or down with slingbacks. I purchased several pairs, some to fit snugly with tunics, and some loose, more boyfriend style. You have to have these! Go get a pair now! I'll wait here.
This great coupon features some of the best denim around, Mavi jeans made in Turkey, Yoga jeans, made in Canada, and new  Dish jeans. This coupon is for a limited time, so waste no time pondering. Go and prepare yourself for the season of scarves, hats, apple cider, romantic walks  through the colorful leaves (and then raking them up)!
Kickstart fall with this great coupon. Limited time. Fall will last longer than this coupon.
Coupon details:
  • $ 20 off Mavi, Yoga, Dish regular and black denim
  • August 29 to September 14
  • Dish exclusive to Calgary location
  • cannot be used in combination with any other offer

Get your coupon here.

Have fun with your Fall denim Harvest

Yours in Fashion Passion

Suzanne M.


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